Easy: Cut spending on EVERYTHING

Guest post by Wes Messamore, editor in chief at The Humble Libertarian:

CBS News reports (m) that most Americans (that is 77%) want to cut Washington's out-of-control spending rather than raise taxes (which only 9% favor) in order balanced the insane Federal budget deficit, but only 38% could name a specific program's budget that they'd be willing to see cut.

*facepalm* Come on Tea Party- you're embarrassing me! And after I've stuck up for you so vehemently.

That's an easy answer, folks. Cut EVERY program's budget! There's simply no way that any department or agency is spending every red cent well, not even the Defense Department. Off the top of my head, I can name an easy $1 billion annually that should be eliminated from the Pentagon's budget- and that's the $1 billion they send to Pakistan every year, which we now know that Pakistan is using to coordinate attacks with the Taliban on our own troops! That's not just wasteful spending, that's criminally stupid spending. That's your tax dollars funding attacks on your children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews- some of the finest and bravest young people our country has to offer.

10% Across the Board, Tell Department Secretaries to Figure it Out

I propose Congress passes a bill to mandate a 10% cut to the budgets of every department in the executive branch across the board- no exceptions. The bill would leave it to the discretion of the President and each department head to decide what gets cut and how to implement the cuts. That's their job. Easy. Problem solved. Budget crisis eased (for now). If the bureaucrats don't implement the cuts properly, they'll just come up short. Congress will have to be tough and only appropriate the amount for each department that it says it will, whether they stay within their budgets or not.

Parkinson's Law

After extensive experience in the British Civil Service, Cyril Northcote Parkinson formulated this law in 1955, which he articulated thusly: "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion," noting also that: (1) "An official wants to multiply subordinates, not rivals" and (2) "Officials make work for each other." He found in particular that the total number of employees in a bureaucracy rose by 5-7% per year "irrespective of any variation in the amount of work (if any) to be done."

The law can also apply to budgets, so that "work expands so as to fill the budget available for its completion." Instead of hemming and hawing over what to cut, we should simply make the cuts and watch as the bureaucracies magically continue to function anyways because they'll be forced to eliminate the wasted-spending and the non-essential.

Try or Die

Ever notice how you can feel overwhelmed with items to do at work, but the moment you have to leave early for some reason, you get all your tasks done within an hour, which would have taken you four hours to complete if you had all that time available to do so? It's the same law at work. Just tell the White House they're getting 10% less across the board, and they can figure out how to implement it.

I bet you anything the sky won't come crashing down all around us. And we might actually make some real progress toward not committing fiscal and monetary suicide. We could even do this in a bill that every Congressman and citizen would be able to sit down and read in one sitting, and actually understand what it says. Let's be decisive and solve the problem. Now is not the time for timidity. It's try or die. Cut spending on everything, 10% across the board, no exceptions, right now.


  1. Can't we just wait till next year to cut spending?

  2. I fully agree that cutting 10% a year until the budget is balanced would be a wonderful idea and long past due.

  3. Ten percent seems too low, but it is a good start.

    Let's work toward my list...

    How about 100% of funding for Housing and Urban Development, Education, Labor, Energy, Transportation, Office of the First Lady, Health and Human Services, Interior, um, those were just off the top of my head. Did I miss any?

  4. I second Right Klik's motion here - awesome and I love it! Have you done any research on Canada and what the government did from the mid-90s through the 2000s. I had no idea that they hacked and slashed their way to balanced cash flow AND I believe that they are paying off their national debt as well. Look it up, I didn't know that until recently.

    (Nice to have you on board here, too :).....)

    PS - the memeorandum algorithm for some reason is ignoring LCR, this happens every few months, we should be back up as usual soon.

  5. Cut everything and keep cutting. Never mind cutting them by 10%, get rid of all the alphabet agencies completely. I'd cut the military budget by at least 2/3, which would still equal about what China and Russia spend combined and Social Security along with Medicare/Medicaid get slashed too.

    Forget about the GOP's lame promise to cut back to 2008 spending levels ($3 Trillion), let's go back to 1998 spending when it was at $1.7 Trillion. Even better, let's shoot for 1988's $1 Trillion budget.

    Anyone else up for cutting the budget by 2/3?

  6. Chris - I totally agree but am probably not the best person to ask, given that I deplore and loathe ever single thing that the Federal government does and stands for. Wait, perhaps 1/3 of what they do is actually proper and within the confines of what this nation was founded upon. Good enough for 1988, good enough for today!

  7. Reb,
    "Wait, perhaps 1/3 of what they do is actually proper and within the confines of what this nation was founded upon. Good enough for 1988, good enough for today!"

    in order to comply with that statement you need to go farther back than the late 80's. you need to go back to the 1920's at the least.


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