The Devastating Impact of Global Warming on The American South

Headline: Winter weather slams South with snow, icy roads...

Here's the early morning view from my neck of the woods, somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line:

Does anyone know where to get some carbon credits?


This was at about 04:30 this morning. We have several inches of snow on the ground now. This may be our biggest snowstorm in almost two decades.


ATLANTA (AP) -- Several inches of snow and freezing rain will make the Monday morning commute for those forced to venture out nearly impossible in parts of the South, including Atlanta, where countless cars are stuck on impassable highways and roads while the world's busiest airport canceled thousands of flights.


  1. at least it's pretty

    pretty soon they'll be talking about another ice age... caused by light bulbs of course

  2. Quote from a friend in Utah a week or so ago:

    "I just shoveled 18 inches of global warming out of my driveway."



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