Civil Discourse

by: Les Carpenter
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As an independent conservative I want discourse between the left and the right as much as the next guy or gal. By this I mean true and comprehensive discourse. You know, the kind of meaningful discussions that actually leads to something getting done. The kind of "something" that actually results in a stronger and more united America.

I dream on.

The stark reality is America is facing the choice between a vibrant and sound country based on the founding principals of this nation or one that shall lead us even further down the philosophical journey towards evermore dependence on federal government dictates. The choice which direction we take, at least at this point in history rests with us, the electorate.

As I see it we the people have a great opportunity, as well as a great responsibility, to determine the future course of our nation. Not only for our generation, but in setting the stage for positive discourse and a productive direction for future generations.

I, as well as many many others of the independent conservative mindset find the current state of political discourse lacking. The terminology most often bantered about is the need for "civil discourse." Usually this is heard from the left, and for reasons that are frankly, at least in this writers opinion, disingenuous. I say this because the reason lies in the "modern" left's desire to control political and philosophical debate based on political correct terminology as defined by none other than the modern left.

As I stated earlier, I recognize the desirability, as well as need for honest, open, and sometimes heated and passionate debate between the differing views of the conservative and liberal elements of our society. Is it not  time we all recognize that for us to continue to be a vibrant, strong, and free society that we constructively work out our differences in a way that results in a stronger nation. After all, is that not precisely what our founding fathers did in 1787 when drafting the Constitution of these United States of America?

When we talk about discourse we all need to focus on what it means to facilitate "respectful discourse". All discourse, as well as honest disagreement, is good as long as it is based on mutual respect. Only when discourse disintegrates into a name calling and disrespect towards the opposing view is it "bad"

In a nutshell, as long as discourse or debate is respectful, and directed towards the honest resolution of common problems, it is good, even when the rhetoric sometimes becomes heated. Throughout our nation's history there has been significant differences of opinion, beginning with the the framing of our Constitution. In 1787 a group of opinionated and passionate men, sometimes having deep divisions, were able to craft one of the worlds most remarkable and enduring documents. It is to their everlasting credit and legacy they were able to do so.

And so today, as the liberals, center, and conservatives debate the issues, let us not attempt to shut down dissenting views through the insidious use of PC rhetoric. Rather let us remain at all times respectful, civil, and judge only the politics or philosophy and not the person.

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