Chuck Schumer to focus media attention on Paul Ryan equals Democrats next elevation fail!

By Sam Foster

It must be January, because Democrats are elevating their latest so called "villain."

Schumer's strategy reflects an effort to revitalize a party messaging operation that many Democrats say fell apart after Obama won the White House. Senate Democrats face a daunting political map in 2012 and are looking to launch early, coordinated attacks on Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) new majority.

Schumer’s strategy is to highlight the link between GOP efforts to cut as much as $50 billion from the federal budget and a “roadmap” to create private accounts for Social Security and Medicare that Ryan created.

“This is an initial volley in a three-day effort — 72-hour window — to try to muddle Paul Ryan’s foray onto the national scene,” said a senior Senate Democratic aide. “We want to make the House Republicans or Republicans at large own his roadmap and what it would entail for Social Security.”

Democrats hope they can make Ryan’s debut on the national political stage as disastrous as the rebuttal Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) delivered in 2009. Jindal’s stilted performance, which the media skewered, immediately quieted talk of him as a presidential contender in 2012.

Because this strategy worked so great on Rush Limbaugh. Once again it is doomed to failure.

The most glaring reason being that Paul Ryan is perhaps the most knowledgeable and capable communicators for the GOP. He put Obama in his place (Video below) during the health care debate and has no qualms stepping onto ultra liberal shows such as Chris Matthews at MSNBC. He doesn’t pander or back down in the face of tough questioning either. Instead, he whelms listeners with his grasp on the deficit and concise explanations. He comes across like a charismatic CEO as opposed to a pontificating and cerebral professor.

In short, he is a dangerous man in comparison to the anecdotal hand ringing that is overly pervasive in the Democrat Party. So far Ryan hasn’t elevated above thorn in the leftist paw status, but only because he hasn’t received a large amount of coverage nor introduction to the American voter. For some reason Schumer wants to change this.

This isn’t to say that Ryan can single-handedly convince the nation to reform entitlements, but if that is the GOP’s goal, they need to make the case to the American people. If Ryan can’t convince, then it’s a lost cause. However, the worst thing Democrats could do for themselves is give Paul Ryan the microphone.

AND..if you are interested in seeing Paul Ryan with a microphone. Professor Jacobson is live blogging Ryan’s response tonight.

Also see Paul Ryan making his case on repeal on CNN.

Updated: More discussion at Memeorandum on tonight's SOTU, including chatter about the SCOTUS member(s) that may or may not attend.


  1. I'd say He has a bright future, if our nation can weather the storm...

  2. Libs are angry over cutting $50 billion to a 1.2 trillion deficit? That's less that 5% of the DEFICIT much less the entire budget. If anything, we all should be angry that this so call "spending cuts" is nothing but a sham to make us believe they're actually doing something sufficient. Just shows how the libs are tax and spend lunatics and the Repubs are show boaters. Doesn't install much confidence on my part.


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