Biggest Mafia Bust in New York History
The Sopranos (1999 - 2007): One of the best shows in the history of television

by the Left Coast Rebel

The FBI today is saying that they have begun the process of arresting over 100 alleged mobsters from 6 different mafia families in New York and New Jersey. Knowing that even New York city mayor Rudy Guliani had a hell of a time going after the city's mobsters (many of which were too embedded in various city apparatuses and nearly untouchable), I wonder just what tipped the FBI and gave them the impetus to pull off this major operation? The charges include murder, racketeering, extortion..., or in other words, the mob transgressions committed during one season of the hit HBO series, The Sopranos.

It will be interesting to see who they arrest, the stories that come out and the forthcoming trials that will result from this massive FBI operation. I wonder if The One will try to take credit for this?

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  1. I thought the "biggest Mafia bust" was one of Tony Soprano's girlfriends at the Badda Bing? Or was that in New Jersey?

  2. They were involved in the snow clean up incident or lack of it I should say.


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