Afternoon Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Global Warming: Meet the South
Knee-deep in Global warming: Taken somewhere near Right Klik's home deep in the South.

by the Left Coast Rebel

Global Warming:

Neal Boortz: Snow delay

Milton Wolf: 5 inches of ManBearPig excrement in Kansas!

Last Tradition: Australian floods

CBC: Brrr!

Gifford Shooting:

Althouse: Question that Loughner asked Giffords

Yankee Phil: Smoking gun: Tea Party symbols found in Loughner's backyard

Fisherville Mike: Progressive hate

Hot Air Pundit: Loughner was a truther

Legal Insurrection: Behold, the Three Stooges

Amusing Bunni: Alex Jones on the shooter

Pundit and Pundette: Political vultures on the left

Pat in Shreveport: I totally understand

Liberator Today: Too much to hope for

WC Varones: Never let a tragedy go to waste

Maggie's Notebook: Loughner's parents

Scratching Post: She is now in charge of schizoids

Full Metal Patriot: Disgusting leftist blame-fest


Get Rich Slowly: What's a credit score?

Get Rich Slowly: Reader story of how a cash-only diet paid off the car (accidentally)

Yahoo Finance: 7 Ways to make easy money (I adamantly disagree with #2)


People: Pregnant Natalie Portman gets teased

TMZ: Lindsay Lohan's sober moment

ET Online: Gwyneth Paltrow related to Congresswoman Giffords?

Rule 5 (Pretty Girls):

Eye of Poyphemus: Olivia Wilde

Confessions of a Constitutional Crusader: Motivational Monday

Conservative Perspective: Aishwarya Rai

Blog of the Day:

Rational Nation USA: America weeps for Arizona

Tied With:

Temple of Mut: Protest the Media Distortions

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  1. LCR: Thanks so much for the "Blog of the Day" listing. I am humbled and honored. Please send kind thoughts and support my way today; I am going to be on Fox Business's America's Nightly Scoreboard today (7 pm EST/4 pm PST) to opine about Tucson.


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