The Afternoon Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: 112th Sworn in

by the Left Coast Rebel

As I write this Nancy Pelosi is prepping the lower chamber gavel to hand over to incoming House speaker John Boehner, handing off power to a new class that ushers in a completely different vision of government for America (at least 63 of them).

It's an exciting start to the "just say no to decline" November 2, 2010 GOP sweep. It will make my political year to witness the new Tea Party representatives working their Constitutional magic and doing just what they were sent to Washington to do -- to reign in the wholesale firesale of our entire nation from the D.C. Looters.

I, however, am totally prepared to be completely disappointed in the 112th Congress as leadership from the budget-busting Bush era is nearly the same. Look no further than the lame, lame duck behavior of the RINOs to highlight the need for perpetual high alert.

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