The ACTUAL State of the Union (Infographic)

By Wes Messamore: Rep. Weiner actually had the gall to complain (m) that Paul Ryan's State of the Union response was "bumming us out." Never mind whether his warnings were actually true or not. Weiner just wants to feel good. Well I'm sorry Rep. Ryan's speech "bummed you out" pal, but Americans are going to actually suffer because of the criminal insanity of Washington's decades-long, bi-partisan status quo of borrowing trillions it doesn't have to pay for programs that it isn't even legally allowed to create according to the Constitution, and which only ever make things worse to boot.

Let's stop evading for a moment. Forget how Ryan's speech made Rep. Weiner feel. Forget all the analysis about how charming Obama's speech was, or how it will affect his chances for reelection in 2012. The real question (and God help us all that anyone should have to actually point this out), is WHAT IS THE ACTUAL STATE OF THE UNION?

This is the ACTUAL State of the Union. If you want fluff, go pet a kitten. If you want facts, they're all here. This is the state of our union. Precarious. Please share this:

The ACTUAL State of the Union, by:


  1. The first graph had an uncanny resemblance. And the Graph on the Federal reserve note isn't unfamiliar to me. Because IMHO it is one of our biggest if not the biggest issue we have. The very thing that the Fed was given a charter to do has failed. as failed the American people anyway... Not them that are shareholders of it!

  2. Yup- I think Paul Ryan had it right when he said there's still time, but not much left.

  3. he grins, now there is a logical and objective argument based on unrefutable evidence. we need far more arguments like this. way to go, Wes.

  4. We should do a split screen with the SOTU. Obama could be bloviating on one side; charts like these could be on the other. Then perhaps, just maybe, people won't be fooled to vote for this empty suit again.

    (I think I'm going to steal some of these charts...)

  5. This is frightening, not only are we threaten with another REAL depression, but the dollar value, since it was on the gold standard in the 30's, unlike today, would completely become of no value, not even the paper it's written on. Can anyone say Weinhiemer Republic?

  6. Great post Wes. Frightening, simply frightening!

    Evasion is what politicians do best, especially progressives. Progressives of all stripes.

  7. Had a thought about the Weiner comment. The name comes from Germany. And Wikipedia makes a sad attempt to dress it up, but the word meaning in German is tearful, weepy, whiny, teary and teary-eyed... Ironic!
    As for me, I'm not sorry Rep. Ryan's speech "bummed you out"! I'm also "bummed out"... I'm sure that if his bank account was in the sad state as many Americans are, it would be a lot more believable.


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