(VIDEO) Top Ten Reasons Why California Companies Are Calling Moving Companies

by the Left Coast Rebel

How did we ever get to this point? Answer - progressivism:

Van Helsing calls California "The Venezuela of North America" and to be honest, that's pretty spot-on.

I can see Virginia from my house....


  1. No wonder I have a desire to move to Texas. No wonder the clients I do books for feel so depressed and stressed out.

  2. California is not the only State losing people and business to States like Texas. that list could also apply to the nation as well when we see all of the outsourcing to other nations that is going on too

  3. Perhaps the impending fiscal implosion of Kali-FORN-iya is quickening. In any event I'm quite sure we can count on Moonbeam to throw on the afterburners so as to hit that wall at Mach 3.

    sorry about the mixed metaphors

  4. I can see Texas from Germany!


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