(VIDEO) Russian Girl Bungee Jumps in Snow off the Roof of a Building

by the Left Coast Rebel

There aren't many details on the net on this video other than what is obvious, ie. some kids in Russia thought it would be a real hoot to bungee jump off the icy roof of a high-rise apartment building:

  • How is it that they determined that the bungee cord was PRECISELY the correct length for this drop? Ponder the possiblity that the cord was just a bit too long.
  • How did they determine that the bungee cord wouldn't snap as well? Forgive me but these kids don't look like engineers or bungee-jumping experts to me.
This video made me think. Young people in Southern California amply fulfill the adage, "idle hands are the devils playground." I wonder if Rusky youth are the same? I would hate to see an attempt to better the stunt above.

Updated: More bungee jumping from Russia. I wish I knew what this kid was saying:

Bonus: I searched for the Russian bungee jumping video at Youtube by searching for "jumping Russian girl." This rule 5 search result popped up.

From Russia with Love


  1. "Russian jumping woman" was probably more entertaining than any of the "bungee" stuff!

  2. I'll see if I can get a translation... hehe

  3. Oh My Gosh! Her thighs are huge. Not acceptable in the USofA


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