(VIDEO) Chuck Biddinger puts joke "BBQ Pork Restaurant is Safest: No Muslims inside" sign outside his electronics repair shop in Alabama

By Sam Foster

Oh how the charges of Raaaaacism will be churning up in the blogiverse tonight.

Mediaite has caught Mr. Chuck Biddinger with a joke sign at muslim's expense. Apparantly, the electronic repair shop's signs are often considered funny.

And here’s our offensive sign of the day. An Alabama store owner known for putting jokes up on the billboard outside of his electronics store has found that the response gets chillier when you decide to use racist jokes. The quote Chuck Biddinger used instructs drivers that the “BBQ Pork Restaurant Is Safest. No Muslims Inside.”

In some ways, I applaud Biddinger. I’d love to see more jokes next time I’m driving down the highway. However, just because something one of your dumb buddies sent you in an email was funny, it doesn’t mean it needs to go up there. Here’s a good test to keep in mind. Next time you’re considering a new joke to use, take a friend out to a public place and tell it to them loudly. If you feel the need to look over your shoulder and see who’s around before you start telling it, then it’s probably a bad joke to use.

Chuck Biddinger is the owner/operator of Electronics Repair Company.

And now for a little writer's note:

First Amendment right? You betcha!

However, I'm amazed that a) the owner was surprised anyone took offense b) he was willing to insert his business into the mess.

As you see at Update x1,there is all kinds of information out on the store owner and I do not relish the hate emails, comments, and phone calls he is about to receive, but honestly, the biggest risk that he is taking in linking his business to the sign.

Sure,there is a first amendment right and the owner is free to exercise it, but then there is also his customers right not to give him business.

Update x1:

Looks like Chuck has his own blog.

His reaction to the explosion of the news?

I never dreamed my sign would cause this much attention

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  1. although many things are lawful, not all are prudent...


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