Tylibah Washington hands out literature to fifth graders about oral sex and that former President George W Bush was sexually aroused when at war

By Sam Foster

Frankly, little surprises me when it comes to what is allowed in schools these days.

Some racy poetry has turned up in the hands of fifth graders in Brooklyn.

A consultant hired to work in city schools gave out her book of poems, and what was inside shocked parents and the school principal...

...She's used her book at more than 50 schools during the last two years to teach a writing workshop called Poetry in Motion.

"The program isn't about streets in poem form, the program is about Poetry in Motion and expanding and learning more about yourself through your writing," she said. "It's not about my book."

At the end of a four-session October workshop for 5th graders at PS 279 in Canarsie, Washington gave out 60 autograph copies.

But one parent saw some racy text from a poem not used in the workshop and complained to a teacher. It's too graphic for print, but makes references to oral sex and President George Bush getting sexually aroused when he went to war.

The Gothamist
has much more:
...includes poems such as "Supa-Dupa!" (which contains a reference to a crackhead performing oral sex) and "Who's The Evil Axis?" (which says George W. Bush "loves war so much he gets an erection!").

When Principal Lorenzo Chambers was sent a sample of the controversial verse, he asked that the students return the 60 copies that Washington had distributed. One teacher tells the Daily News, "I'd be appalled if my child came home with that book." But Washington says she has given out about 5,000 copies of her book at 50 city schools with no complaints. "My message is positive and I'm encouraging kids to read," she tells the News. She's registered with the DOE and she was reportedly paid $37,915 for her work in city schools this year.

Where there is immorality and rabid Bush hatred, radical left-wing politician has to be somewhere in the mix and this story doesn't disappoint. Tylibah Washington is the goddaughter to Charles Barron, who ran for NY Governor on his racist, socialist, all-black Freedom Party. When asked about the incident, Barron raged:

Washington also happens to be the goddaughter of City Councilman Charles Barron, who rose to her defense yesterday, telling the tabloid, "I find it interesting that 'Huckleberry Finn' is a classic when it says [the N-word] 200 times. Tylibah's book is the opposite. It's very inspiring. I'd like to see 'Huckleberry Finn' banned." Obviously this Mark Twain guy must be stopped before he exposes NYC kids to the n-word!

I can only but imagine what would be said in the progressive blogiverse had someone written poetry about Obama having an erection as he robs Americans of their freedoms.


  1. Nothing is quite as satisfying as liberals being shocked at the depths to which their comrades can descend. If Dante wrote an updated version of Inferno, liberals would be forced to live in the world of their dreams.

    Twain used the n-word to describe how people actually talked in that day. I'm reminded of a Star Trek episode where an alien-reconstructed Abraham Lincoln referred to Uhura as a "charming negress." He apologized for the hasty remark, but the unperturbed Uhura smiled and said that they had learned not to be offended by words. I guess we've got two centuries more to listen to their whining.

    As often as they refer to people like us as "racist, gun-toting, book-burning Nazis," they should wonder why we continue to let them breathe our air. The lack of black helicopters landing at their doors should give them reason to doubt their conspiracy theories.

  2. This is why we home school

  3. Is the issue about presidential erections or is it about morality?

    If it is the former then we are truly lost. If it is the later than lets frame the issue absent the obvious slant.

    Just the rambling of an independent conservative. I am ready for debate should the real issue fall in the latter category.

  4. Her next book will be called "How to cultivate the liberal minds of the future"...

  5. First of all she looks like a hooker in that picture and second she should be put in jail for the porn she handed out to children (her poetry!)


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