Tea Party to Lame Duck GOP - You Suck

by the Left Coast Rebel

Last night when I read that the GOP in the upper chamber approved a monstrous, Orwellian "food safety" bill I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. WTF are they possibly thinking in light of the historical Tea Party inspired November 2 landslide? I mean, come on, this kind of thing (the food safety bill) is precisely what the Tea Party campaigned against and therefore won a historical victory on.

The "tax bill" compromise with the Obamanation in many ways is no better. Why not just wait until the new congress was sworn in to tackle that issue? Why stand idly by as the "compromise" was jammed with pork and yet another Orwellian extension of unemployment "benefits?"

Old man statist, old GOP RINO hierarchy Mitch McConnell and "cry me a river" John Boehner - I'm talking to both of you and your numbers are up.

The omnibus smackdown was a great accomplishment, I must admit but the other two issues above are distressing, to say the least.

The Tea Party ain't havin' none of this crap either:

(ABC News) From the tax cuts extension bill to the food safety legislation to Republican selections for key House committee leadership posts, Tea Party leaders have expressed outrage at what they perceive is a continuation of the same old Washington-style politics.

"In addition to the 'backroom deal' tax compromise, last week, through their appointments to chairmanships of the Energy and Commerce and the Appropriations committees, they [House Republican leaders] sent a clear message that despite an electoral victory driven by the Tea Party movement and fueled by public disgust with incumbents, Washington is back to business as usual," Tea Party Patriots founders Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler wrote in a scathing op-ed in Politico.

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  1. Orwellian "food safety" bill...
    Keep your hands off my food!

  2. "NO BREAD FOR YOU!" The soup Nazi. Now soon the FDA.


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