The Southern California Immigration, far-left organizations, angry that police are targeting criminals as a way to earn revenue for debt ridden state

By Sam Foster


Only liberalism could create organizations that protest police punishing criminals:

Two local advocate groups for undocumented immigrants have publicly accused the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department of using DUI checkpoints to legally seize thousands of cars.

The Southern California Immigration Coalition and the South Central Neighborhood Council claim DUI checkpoints are strategically placed in and around Hispanic communities as a trap to catch unlicensed and undocumented drivers.

These groups say the state of California made $40 million in profit in 2009 from these checkpoints.

"In one impound, four cars were impounded because of drunk driving and 60 cars were impounded because of a lack of a license," said Julia Wallace of the South Central Neighborhood Council. "It's obvious to us that for one, these things are targeting working class people, undocumented immigrants, that do not have a license but are really just abiding the law otherwise and are not drunk."

Wouldn't it just be fair if lawbreakers didn't need to suffer the consequences of their illegal actions? The left thinks so:

The two groups want the city of Los Angeles to adopt a policy similar to the policy in Oakland, where undocumented or unlicensed drivers are allowed to pull over and wait for a licensed driver to come and get their vehicle rather than have their vehicle impounded.

You'd think it's bad enough that illegals can skirt immigration law, but I suppose they are supposed to be able to skirt traffic, criminal, and probably civil law as well.

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  1. I hate this stupid state. What next? If a criminal is poor, he keeps his booty?


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