Should The USA Rush To Ratify START?

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Mitt Romney - former Massachusetts governor and possible 2012 presidential candidate - has a well written article in the Boston Globe today on the START treaty.

The treaty is being pushed by President Obama for quick ratification during the lame duck session of Congress and should give us all pause. Recall his rush to get the 787 billion dollar stimulus package passed, and his rush to pass Obamacare, all without reading the "fine print." I think we can all see how that is working out for the nation.

That aside, I personally have not yet formed a final opinion on the START treaty, at least until exhaustive review and debate is completed in the Senate and all aspects of the treaty are known. Then We The People can formulate a reasoned opinion on it.

A brief excerpt from the Globe article:
WHY THE hurry, Mr. President? It’s a question we’ve asked twice before. There was a rush to pass his $787 billion “stimulus’’ to hold unemployment below 8 percent. Congress obliged, and now we are saddled with higher unemployment and crushing debt. Then there was his health care assault: no time for our representatives to even read the bill. As ObamaCare has been revealed, it has frightened business into retreating from hiring. Now the president is in a hurry again: affirm the New START treaty right away, he insists, during the lame duck session.
A treaty so critical to our national security deserves a careful, deliberative look by the men and women America has just elected. The president is in a hurry for the same reason he has been in a hurry before: he knows that if his vaunted treaty is given a thorough review by the Senate, it will likely be rejected.
Governor Romney follows his introduction with several well-placed concerns. Before ratification is considered we must fully understand the ramifications to the nation, and insure flaws detrimental to our security concerns are resolved.

The questions...
  • Will the new START treaty limit our options for missile defense?
  • Is the treaty's compliance verification process adequate?
  • Will the treaty exacerbate Russia's nuclear missile advantage over the U.S.?
  • Is the U.S. the only country required to reduce its launchers and strategic weapons?
  • Are there loopholes that would allow Russia to escape nuclear weapons limits entirely?
  • Does the treaty restrict our conventional weapons program as well as our nuclear weapons program?
  • Does the treaty fail to limit Russia's submarine - launched long - range cruise missiles?

The answers to these questions are found in the Boston Globe. They should give every American reason to question the President's sanity, as well as urge patience and due diligence before ratification of a possibly flawed treaty. We must not proceed in a manner that could possibly threaten our national security and safety.

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