(PHOTOS) Clay Duke Facebook Page Statement, Suicide Note (Manifesto)

by the Left Coast Rebel

The internet Bolshevik trolls are circling the intertube conservative wagons - by golly-gee, they've gone-and-connected the dots on the Panama City school board meeting shooter Clay Duke, (left).

Hint - he was a member of the vast right wing conspiracy! Yes friends, laugh along and follow a familiar leftist template as trolls scream, "Clay Duke was a tea party activist" and "Clay Duke was a right-wing libertarian, conservative or otherwise anti-government republican type!"

Not so fast. Here's some insight into Clay Duke's mind from The Blaze, taken from Clay Duke's Facebook page (that is now down), a suicide note or "manifesto" written by Clay Duke himself:

My Testament: Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster (V)… no… I was just born poor in a country where the Wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95% of the population. Rich Republicans, Rich Democrats… same-same… rich… they take turns fleecing us… our few dollars… pyramiding the wealth for themselves. The 95%… the us, in US of A, are the neo slaves of the Global South. Our Masters, the Wealthy, do, as they like to us…
Sounds to me like a poorly-written version of an Obama speech or Bernie Sanders' recent filibuster. Am I right? Not quite something from a Tea Party Patriots member.

Full Metal Patriot has a screen-cap of the Facebook page screed from Clay Duke. Nice that he quotes billionaire corporatist, crony-capitalist Warren Buffet, too:


Clay Duke was a typical Tea Party member? FAIL....

Updated: BigFurHat at I Own the World links and likens Clay Duke to a very overweight filmmaker (guess who?)

Updated x2: Newser reports on the Clay Duke, Panama City shooting as well:


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  1. ..so, basically Tim, you're saying that this guy was a fruitball nutcake.

    This goes to the value of the internet: take command of the dialog and subvert the MSM's attempt at spin.

    I should like to add that this is NOT about gun control either. Gun control is about steady breathing, good stance, and slow trigger pull. This guy was all over the map. It's a wonder he could have hit his own head.

    (Sorry for the sledgehammer subtlety. I'm having a bad hair day here.)

  2. I'm surprised he didn't shoot himself too, WP. And yes, the MSM goes straight to the "right wing" card when a story like this hits....

  3. PS - Wish I could relate to the bad hair day!

  4. Things worked out great! The innocent survived and the world has one less commie.

  5. FMP - no problem, thanks for the link!

    TLA - it could have been a lot worse

  6. Prepare for more of this Leftism-inspired insanity. And this memo has a far greater probability of proving true than that idiot J-Nap's spring 2009 "Right-Wing Extremist" memo (zero scores to date).

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  7. The guy was a poster boy for classy envy.

  8. I read somewhere he listed his religion as "Humanist." Confirmation?

    V for Vendetta is far left-wing ego masturbation. The movie was framed as a metaphor for opposition to Bush, Blair, and the Iraq War. Leftists were marching around on Market Street in SF wearing those stupid masks at the anti-war protests.

    The writer of the original graphic novel was an anti-Thatcher anarchist who thought Thatcher/Reagan would bring about a nuclear war.

    No one in that room had a firearm EXCEPT for the criminal. Gun control at work again!

    Only when a security guard WITH A GUN showed up was the guy incapacitated. If the woman with the purse had a gun, she would have had a clean shot. Hell, if she had it in her purse she would have knocked him out when she hit him.


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