(PHOTOS) Anita Ekberg: Pin-Up Girl, (VIDEO) Anita Ekberg Trevi Fountain Scene

by the Left Coast Rebel

We just covered the story that Pamela Anderson is going to break a Playboy magazine record and be featured for the 13th time on the cover of the magazine's January 11 issue. Pamela Anderson's Playboy eight page pictorial is based on actress Anita Ekberg's famous scene that appeared in La Dolce Vita, circa 1960, wherein Anita Ekberg banters about half-naked in Rome's Trevi Fountain donning a skimpy black dress and undoubtedly raising cultural eyebrows 50 years ago.

Imagine that this scene was considered risqué in 1960. How times have changed. Take special not of the scene in which Anita Ekberg beckons her lover Marcello to, "come here" to the fountain (2:00):

Video - Anita Ekberg La Dolce Vita Trevi Fountain scene

Anita Ekberg was a Swedish model and actress and also a pin-up sensation of her time:

The summerwind came blowing in...

Dreamy, coolwind nights...

Martinis for two...

When I take my sugar to tea...

A lazy afternoon...

(hat tip Camp of Saints)

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