(PHOTO) William R Hamman super imposter and real life pretend Doctor exploits, fooled AMA, received millions in medical grants

Imposter William Hamman above)

By Sam Foster

Scroll for details and exploits of fake Doctor William R Hamman

This one's hot off of AP:

He seemed like Superman, able to guide jumbo jets through perilous skies and tiny tubes through blocked arteries. As a cardiologist and United Airlines captain, William Hamman taught doctors and pilots ways to keep hearts and planes from crashing.

He shared millions in grants, had university and hospital posts, and bragged of work for prestigious medical groups. An Associated Press story featured him leading a teamwork training session at an American College of Cardiology convention last spring.

But it turns out Hamman isn't a cardiologist or even a doctor. The AP found he had no medical residency, fellowship, doctoral degree or the 15 years of clinical experience he claimed. He attended medical school for a few years but withdrew and didn't graduate.

His pilot qualifications do not appear to be in question - he holds the highest type of license a pilot can have, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman said. However, United grounded him in August after his medical and doctoral degrees evaporated like contrails of the jets he flew. He resigned in June as an educator and researcher at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., after a credentials check revealed discrepancies, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Doctors who worked with the 58-year-old pilot are stunned, not just at the ruse and how long it lasted, but also because many of them valued his work and were sad to see it end.

"I was shocked to hear the news," said Dr. W. Douglas Weaver, who was president of the cardiology group when it gave Hamman a training contract for up to $250,000 plus travel a few years ago. "He was totally dedicated to what he was doing, and there is a real need for team-based education in medicine," said Weaver, a pilot himself from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

Even after learning of Hamman's deception, the American Medical Association was going to let him lead a seminar that had been in the works, altering his biography and switching his title from "Dr." to "Captain" on course materials. It was canceled after top officials found out.

So what we have here is a well known Doctor/Pilot who turns out not to be a Doctor.

I remember watching the movie "Catch Me if You Can" and wondering how anyone could fein being a doctor? I mean, it takes lots of schooling and training. Surely, there are millions of easier professions to mimmick. I had concluded that it must be fiction. However, it seems to be a common occurrence. Thus we can conclude that much of our medcine seems to be more BS than we realized since it is easily emulated by those skilled in the art of BS.

As always at Left Coast Rebel, we aim at bringing you the best breaking news on the web, plus more than you can get from AP and we promise to deliver on William Hamman.

Here is a taste of William R Hamman from across the Blogiverse:

Here is an online presentation from the fake doctor William Hamman.

A transcript of William Hamman's presentation AT HARVARD!

A quote from William Hamman in 2008 on PR News Wire:
William Hamman, M.D., Ph.D., cardiologist, pilot and former manager of human factors and risk assessment for United Airlines, has been a leader in adapting in situ simulation technology to healthcare models. Dr. Hamman, Director of CESR, said, "Communication among team members is a critical element to shoring up safety and improving performance. In situ simulation offers a unique opportunity for clinical and interventional cardiologists, emergency department physicians, nurses, technicians, and paramedics to identify and rectify communication and system barriers to optimal acute MI care."

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  1. ..we may be seeing more of these type of guys when ObamaCare kicks in and 40% of the real docs retire, Sam.


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