Palestinian Untruths

by:Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

The Palestinian Authority, despites the "official" position by it's Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to world leaders that Palestine recognizes Israel's existence the reality is it does not.

The Palestinian Authority actively disseminates the message through media sources to its people that Israel does not exist. It presents the notion that all Israel land, and Israel cities and regions are Palestinian. The PA uses television, one source of many to spread their propaganda and incite unrest in the Palestinian population.

The videos clearly demonstrate the true position of the Palestinian Authority and thereby exposes the lie being told by the Chairman of the PA. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of Islam will know that lying to infidels to create a false sense of reality for the pursuit of achieving Muslim dominance {in this case to lull the world's leaders into believing the PA recognizes Israel's existence} is acceptable and indeed virtuous.

Indeed the war of propaganda being waged by Islam against the west has many forms and faces. Unfortunately many in the west, including the United States refuse to look the threat squarely in the eye and confront it. Doing so would be considered intolerant by the seemingly dominate left.

For more detail visit Palestinian Media Watch.

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UPDATE 12/23/10: I went over to Pam Geller's site, Atlas Shrugs today. Up top was her post on the work she has been involved in to counter the anti Israeli propaganda in Seattle Washington, my old stomping grounds. Beyond that she provides information that ought to give us all pause. Her article is another example of the Muslim and Palestinian extremist's evil that is growing more prevalent in our world. A brief excerpt from the article:

As for the Jewish blood libel being sponsored by the notorious antisemite Ed Mast, Seattle Mass Transit is having second thoughts.

"It's not clear if the ad campaign will run as scheduled. It was supposed to roll out on Dec. 27. Metro is scrambling to re-assess its advertising policies before next week."

If they ran that poison, they will run the truth.

Metro considers changing policy over anti-Israeli bus ads

SEATTLE -- Calls and emails continue to flood into King County as Metro deals with a political firestorm over its bus billboard policy.

An anti-Israeli ad campaign is scheduled to appear on buses starting Dec. 27. A group called the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign is behind the ads. It's the two-year anniversary of Israeli military action in Gaza, aimed at stopping rocket attacks on Israeli citizens.

Metro is considering changing its ad policies for non-commercial groups, but says it could be costly and tricky. But if they ban the anti-Israel ads, they might have to ban ads for causes that have public appeal, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Puget Sound Blood Center and United Way.

The American Civil Liberties Unions is urging Metro to run the ads, saying they may offend people but they should be protected under the First Amendment.

News of the ads has led to tighter security at the Jewish Federation in downtown Seattle. Four years ago, a mentally ill man claiming to be angry at Israel broke into the building, shot and killed a woman and shot five others. The fear is an ad campaign could fuel more violence.

"We're always on a heightened sense of awareness in the Jewish community and this heightens it," said Richard Fruchter with the Jewish Federation.

"Mentally ill man?" He was a Muslim slaughtering Jews. It was jihad. Here's what was presented in the jihadi's prosecution:

Prosecutors opened their case against a man accused of opening fire on a Jewish Federation office by playing a tape of the gunman who called 911 as he held a pregnant woman hostage at gunpoint."I have this gun pointed at her head," said the man, who identified himself as Naveed Haq. Haq told the person handling the call that "I just want to get us out of Iraq," and that he was upset by U.S. policies that left Muslims "repressed."Haq, 32, has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the shooting rampage that killed one woman and injured five other women at the downtown office of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle on July 28, 2006.In her opening statement Monday, King County Deputy Prosecutor Erin Ehlert told jurors that Haq carefully planned the attack, making four trips to gun shops and using the Internet to map the route from the Tri-Cities to Seattle.Haq is charged with murder, attempted murder and other crimes.Haq railed against the Iraq war and Israel during the call, telling a woman on the other end of the line that "Muslims are very upset about you sending bombs to Israel. And that we're very upset that you stay in Iraq, and that you follow foreign policies where we are repressed."

SEATTLE – King County Councilman Peter von Reichbauer is calling for a review of proposed advertising on Metro buses that blasts Israel and the U.S., claiming U.S. tax dollars support war crimes.

Pam's tireless work in defense of the Israeli people and nation is admirable and honorable. Rational defense of truth, and a people that want nothing more than to live peaceably in their historically homeland deserves the support of the American people.

Please take the time {if you haven't already} to visit Atlas Shrugs and read her entire article and see the adds she has submitted to counter the anti Semite treachery growing around the world.

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  1. Remember folks, assume a Muslim is lying to you and you'll never be disappointed.


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