Obama Praises the Bush Tax Cuts*

By Proof

*He just doesn't know it.

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Listening to Obama describe the last minute deal being put together to stave off one of the largest tax increases in US history, Obama spoke of his justification for taking the stand he did. If no action were taken, he said, the average family's taxes would go up $3,000.

Wow! Did he just admit that the Bush tax cuts have saved the average family $30,000 in taxes over the last ten years??? Aside from the fact that the Democrats have been characterizing the Bush tax cuts as "tax cuts for the rich", for the last ten years, all of the sudden, when they were due to expire, the facts come out that they they were across the board cuts for low and middle income families as well!

And the mumbo jumbo about anyone being "held hostage"? If anyone was holding the middle class tax payers hostage, it was the Democrats. First by limiting the Bush tax cuts to ten years ago. Democrats insisted upon the ten year "sunset" clause. Republicans wanted the tax cuts to be permanent. Still do. It's the Democrats who want your taxes to go up. And if not you, then some other hard working American.

Second, the Democrats tried to hold the middle class hostage by threatening to raise taxes on the middle class, if the Republicans insisted on not raising taxes on anyone, in a recession.
(Wonder if they're dizzy from the spin, yet?)

Besides, the really, really wealthy in this country, the Kerry-Heinz, Kennedy kind, have full time counsel on how to avoid paying taxes. The taxes Obama and the Democrats want to increase are on the most productive working people in America. Many of them small businesses and job creators.

I got an email from MoooveOn dot org with the following:

Can you call Sens. Feinstein and Boxer and tell them that Americans everywhere are counting on them to fight like hell to stop tax bailouts for millionaires?

Last time I looked, both Feinstein and Boxer are millionaires. Why do I get the suspicion that the kind of tax increase we are talking about won't effect them personally?

This is just class warfare Kabuki. Under the guise of "taxing the rich", Democrats want to increase taxes on working people and small businesses. If the next Congress has a spine, perhaps they will make these cuts permanent, end the uncertainty and work to reduce spending, where the real problems are.

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  1. Exactly!! Obama and the Dems wanted to raise taxes on one particular sect or class of the population, because of their success. The Dems wanted to penalize success while rewarding failure. But, I that goes with their whole issue with refusing to accept responsibility for anything. It's always blame others for everything when it comes to libs. At least Obama saw the light, sortof.

  2. I think Obama knows in his heart of hearts that extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone will help the economy. He can keep coming out and saying that he had to do it because the Republicans are terrorists holding everyone hostage and he had no choice, but if it turns out to be a good move, he'll get the credit.

  3. We don't have a tax problem! we have a spending problem!
    These idiots need to quit playing games with our lives...

  4. What's worse, it's not really a tax increase for the wealthy. They would get the least hit at about 8% increase (36 to 39 percent). The ones that would get hit the worse would be working poor at 50% (10 to 15%) and the Middle class near the 40% increase range (15-23 to 24 to 31). So the claim that the DEMONCRATS were holding the middle class hostage is right on the nose. Now to convince the 47% that don't pay any at all and still wouldn't. This tax increase was a complete and utter attack on those that are actually productive. Now Obama got one thing right (even if it was to save his own donkey), but most likely will pay the heaviest price for it as the left now sees this as a complete betrayal and stab in the back which means this man has no political allies left (except jihadists and racist bigots, but now with this betrayal, will they even trust him?)


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