The Obama Administration comes to the rescue of Golden Eagles by defeating wind farms and their own agenda

By Sam Foster

Seemingly, the Obama Administration planned on saving nature from global warming by chopping nature into little tiny pieces. Luckily, Obama's administration isn't about to stand for such reckless dismemberment of nature and so it's taking itself and "Big Wind" to the woodshed…at least that's what the AP is reporting:

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management suspended issuing wind permits on public land indefinitely this summer after wildlife officials invoked a decades-old law for protecting eagles, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The restriction has stymied efforts to "fast-track" approvals for four of the seven most promising wind energy proposals in the nation, including all three in California.

Now, these and other projects appear unlikely to make the year-end deadline to potentially qualify for hundreds of millions of dollars in stimulus funds. If extensions aren't granted in the lame duck session of Congress, the future of many of these plans could be in doubt.

"(Companies) are waiting to know the criteria to get a permit," said Larry LaPre, a wildlife biologist for BLM's California desert district, of the companies hoping federal agencies will begin permitting again soon. LaPre said he expects it to be "at least a year or longer" before permitting resumes.

Golden eagles are the latest roadblock to establishing wind farms on federally owned land, already an expensive process plagued by years of bureaucratic delay. The projects also have been untracked by other wildlife issues, a sluggish economy and objections by defense and aviation authorities that wind turbines interfere with the country's aged radar system.

Who knew that massive, spinning blades of metal could cut through the delicate tissue of eagles? If only we could have tested them on chimps?

This is exactly why no one should take the environmental movement seriously. They despise fixing the "carbon dioxide problem," solar power, nuclear power, geothermal power, something called fracking, and human babies. Now, by their own logic, they've declared that the world is not worth saving should it mean the potential deaths of 27,392 avian. Talk about sheer moonbattery.

Heck, I'd trade that for something smaller like world peace or the end of hunger!

Can you tell me how to get to the corner of science and stupidity?

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  1. the gift that keeps giving...


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