Newt for President?

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Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, was on Fox News Sunday this AM, promoting his favorite cause: Newt. Oh, he was giving news analysis and answering the questions posed to him by Chris Wallace, but I think the real agenda was face time.

Now, don't get me wrong! I like Newt. I think he's a brilliant tactician. I think he did great things for the country and the Republican party by spearheading the Contract with America back in 1994. But, a lot can happen in sixteen years. NY-23 for one (but not the only one).

Newt Gingrich backed liberal RINO, worse, Democrat in RINO clothing, Dede Scozzafava in a race against conservative Doug Hoffman. Mistaking that (R) after her name for a commitment to party and country was a mistake. Dede went on to endorse the Democrat in the race after it became obvious that her own candidacy was doomed to failure. Belatedly, Newt swung his support to Hoffman. Too little, too late.

When asked about the 2012 presidential race, Newt speaks of Romney and Huckabee's popularity and puts himself somewhere in the middle. False modesty aside, if I were to name my three least favorite Republican candidates it would be, in order:
Romney, Huckabee and Gingrich.

Three good men who share some good ideas, but each with a singular character flaw or track record of poor judgments (or both) that militate against them as presidential material. For comparison, my least favorite candidates, in order, in the 2008 primaries were:
McCain, Romney and Huckabee.

How well did that work out for us?

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  1. The only person missing on the list of Republicans that Newt likes is Bob Dole.

  2. I have to say Newt is my last choice. I think he is a stands for all that is wrong with the Republican Party.

  3. I agree on Newt and have made the point myself previously.

    What the prognostocators are saying for the GOP nomination in 2012 as 'leaders' are nothing but RINO's.

    We need a groundswell of Tea Party support for the likes of Mike Pence with say Allen West as his running mate. That in turn after 8 years would lead to Allen West at the top of the ticket and possibly Marco Rubio as his 2nd.

    In that senario there is solid conservatism for 12 years alone and possibly 16.

    All need to buck this system of the GOP picking the nominee and re-double our efforts and fast to infiltrate and take the party back once and for all!

    (Note; This comment of mine was re-posted at Proofs site.)

  4. And what are we left with? Pawlenty, Palin?

    West is too new and won't want the job. Rubio is unseasoned. Pence will lose.

    Democrats pick their fruit too soon. Republicans plant their seeds too late.

    We're damned to be stuck with Obama or an embarrassing Republican.

  5. It's a tough row to hoe. We need to encourage men of character to step up to the plate and run, and then be prepared to back them with our time, our treasure and out talent.
    We can't just sit idly by and allow the establishment to select another mediocre candidate to go down to defeat.

  6. Not to mention some of our opposing voters are either dead, in prison, fictitious (mickey mouse) or the double voting democrats... "Vote, and vote often..."

  7. RE: Nick Rowe,,,

    "West is too new and won't want the job",,Much the same was said of General George Washington and in fact he did not want the job at all and his was President. How do you know he will not want to run as V.P., Have you spoken to him directly on this matter?

    As to "Rubio is unseasoned",,I beg to differ given his experience in the FL legislature and after a six year stint or better in the U.S. Senate, as I did not refer to him in this next cycle, he will be more than "seasoned".

    Onto Pence, damn skippy he can win!

  8. Newt will be like backing a dead horse. Newt needs to go back and think about his real committment to the USofA. Then perhaps he will have the integrity to back a winner. He is not a winner. Who knows about Palin at this point. Look where she was 2 years ago. She's come a long way. I personally think West is a viable canidate (Palin is more powerful on the fringe leading the real attack) West has the fortitude and military history to lead the attack against the Democratic Social vanguard and the absolutely miserable RINO contingent that seemly wets its pants anytime there is a major national issue. RINOs have no spine. West has spine in spades, as does Palin. But West has less media bias/hatred at this point. Believe me, if the meida takes West to task, Palin will gut the progressive media. That's what Palin is best at. God Love Her!

  9. Before anyone considers voting for Gingrich in a primary, they should to consider his voting record. I recommend the 30-minute documentary: "The Real Newt Gingrich"

    I'm a Mormon and not terribly in love with Romney who backed Bennett's failed Senatorial reelection here in Utah. Fortunately, we got Mike Lee in.

    Palin is maturing and preparing; Chris Christie is battling foes like Superman. I'm not ready to endorse anyone yet but I think Gingrich has solidly secured last place in my preferred GOP list.

  10. ...more on Gingrich:

    If you prefer reads over video, try this one at the Campaign for Liberty which makes some of the same points as well as some additional ones as the Gingrich documentary:

  11. I agree with John's "God help us" and with Nacilbupera's rating of Gingrich at the very bottom o' the list. I could list 100 reasons here why he is a terrible choice, in fact, so bad that I would probably vote libertarian if he went all the way to the general election.


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