New iPhone Application: Word Lens

by the Left Coast Rebel

Amazingly, this is not from the script of a science fiction movie:

This app will come in handy in Southern California, Full Metal Patriot (where I found the video) has the details on the "Word Lens" app:

A new iPhone app lets you translate words and phrases from Spanish to English simply by holding up your phone to a piece of paper, a sign or an advertisement.

"It's elegant," said one of the early users of "World Lens." "You have to see it to believe it."

It's almost spooky how well and how quickly the app works.

"World Lens" blends the omnipresent catchword of the smartphone set, "augmented" reality, with the kind of technology that used to only exist in science fiction shows.

While the app is free, it doesn't do much until you pay $4.99 for the translation part of it.

For now, it's available for Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations. It's also only available on the iPhone, but that will likely change.

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  1. Impressive. Soon every california resident will need one as everything is converting to Spanish and most Californians (the legal ones anyways) speak English.


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