Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: Dreaming of the end of DREAM Act

The best of Teh Blogs:

The Other McCain:
You know you've lost your last progressive fan when Maddow quits the juice drinking

WC Varones: The one who raised your taxes gets a pay raise

Eye of Polyphemus: Rule 5 - Tina O'Brien

Angry American: Somebody has a crush on Megyn Kelly

Moonbattery: Liberals want FCC to do something about Bristol Palin dancing success

Secular Apostate: New Democrat appointed judge impeached

Goldfish and Clowns:
A blog sermon

Introducing the Obama White House Diaries (he has his work cut out for him)

Teresamerica: Catholicism 101

The Daley Gator: Whole buncha 2012 GOP candidates rated

Maggie's Notebook: Chris Christie meets Paul McCartney? *

The Classic Liberal: Communist America

MA Info: Night of the Living Dead Democrats

Yankee Phil: More news on that crazy Tea Partier muslim who plotted to blow up an army recruiting center

Right Coast Conservative: Orioles outfielder Luke Scott a birther? *

Gateway Pundit: Wind Energy barons go to Washington to extort more taxpayer money

Obama Fail Blog: Obamacare so good, the White House just keep waffling on all its wonders

War Planner: Hiatus? Say it ain't so.

The Humble Libertarian: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch

Beers with Demo:
conservatives fight to save a CA school

TheBlogProf: Anthony Weiner angry doesn't know who he should be angry at and on video

Yankee Phil: Global Warming strikes Europe

What we Think and Why: Tax deal, a mixed bag

Fisherville Mike: Shovel ready project

Allied Liberty News: Wiki-conspiracy?

Troglopundit: Drink milk because a sexy girl says so!

Washington Rebel: Unemployed should Siege D.C.?

Dad 29: Why not just call him Obamachavez?

Give us Liberty: An athlete has the stones to save America? *

The Republican Mother: World Thought Police

Libertarian Republican: Trump considering run for presidency?

Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom: Jill-Anne pole dancing & greeting cards *

Liberty Juice: Julian Assange, hero or terrorist?

Reboot Congress: Tax rates and congress

Maggie's Notebook: PETA TSA agent Pamela Anderson *

Right Coast: Remember those Katrina gun confiscations?

Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom:Daily Show takes on Bernanke and money printing

Sipsey Street Irregulars: More economic news + a beard

Republican Redefined: Wiener on taxes (wow)

Troglopundit: How can cutting payroll tax help Social Security?

Pundit and Pundette: Houston high school "we don't need no stinking liberty" *

Bluegrass Pundit: Lockerbie bomber on the verge of dying?

Eye of Polyphemus: John Lennon? Who cares?

No Sheeples Here: He who has Christmas in his heart

What we Think and Why: Jefferson Would be Rolling Over in his Cookie Dough

Website of the Day: Wolf Files: 12% Pure Hope (thanks for linking, Dr. Milton)


  1. nothing scarier than an angry weiner...

    He was the guy in school that always lost his lunch money...

  2. Love John's comment. LCR, great roundup and I'm honored to be among them.


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