Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Prince Charles gets a Glimpse of the Inevitable Conclusion of the Entitlement Mentality Edition


by the Left Coast Rebel

They come for your tax dollars and they expect you to give them everything they want in life, handed to them on a silver platter.

Behold the socialist entitlement mentality on display or "and they call "teabaggers" violent?:

Sipping coffee, and glad I live in the USA, checking out teh blogs:

Wrinkled Weasle's World:
Napoleon was right

The Other McCain: Epic post - 'I live in Reality'

WC Varones: Obama, "what's the definition of is?"

Moonbattery: Moonbats riot in London

Secular Apostate: The only thing we have to fear is failure itself

Goldfish and Clowns:
Just like high school

Liberator Today (B-Daddy): Yes I told you so

Teresamerica: Narcissistic Disorder on the Endangered Species?

Weaslel Zippers: It's time for popcorn - Democrat rat fights!

Bluegrass Pundit:
Pelosi still flying on taxpayer's dime?

The Daley Gator: Nanny state meets the trash police

Maggie's Notebook: Wikileaks exposes Saudi debauchery

The Classic Liberal: Scary thought - Patriot Act for the Internet?

MA Info: Naked scanner naked statue of liberty t-shirts?

Yankee Phil: George W. Bush meets Muhammad Ali

Weasel Zippers: Liberals that condone Islam should read this

Right Coast Conservative: Who's going to apologize to Joe Wilson?

Obama Fail Blog: Obama's Afghanistan recidivism

The Humble Libertarian: San Quentin Dirty Fed song?

Beers with Demo:
Got incivility?

TheBlogProf: USDA bigot Shirley Sherrod

Blue Collar Todd: Harry Potter date night

What we Think and Why: Green Jobs Mythology 101

Fisherville Mike: Weekend watchdog

Troglopundit: Point this out to liberal friends that think Canada has great health care

Washington Rebel: Comes the dawn

Dad 29: Nancy loves to pork you!

Give us Liberty: Obama is a foreign-born commie, here's why

The Republican Mother: Meet Dick Thompson

Libertarian Republican: Pro-defense libertarian on Wikileaks

Liberty Juice: Death of Christmas?

Reboot Congress: Eminent domain battle in Missouri

Maggie's Notebook: Democrats gamble by adding casinos to bill

Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom: Video of Prince Charles' Rolls Royce being attacked

Republican Redefined: Joe Manchin - Both ends speak on DADT

Rowdy Republican:My friend Kevin on O'Reilly's show

Pundit and Pundette: What a difference a bribe makes

No Sheeples Here: Photo of the day

Website of the Day: Bluegrass Pundit!

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