Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Obama Grows Horns Edition

by the Left Coast Rebel

Good morning all. I didn't write about it yesterday but I watched part of Obama's Bush era tax cut extension presser. I (almost) couldn't believe my ears/eyes when Dear Leader took on almost a demonic look as he lashed out at far-left moonbats. Even more though was his analogy of Republican deal-making over the tax rates as a GOP "hostage" situation, almost a terrorist allusion. Or something.

It reminds me of the Xbox 360 game Fable 3 (don't laugh). In the game the player has the choice of becoming good or evil. If you choose the evil side you eventually sport a nice pair of devil horns (see, Sam, I told you this game is awesome). Here's a shot of Obama yesterday the player gone evil in Fable 3:

Of course our friends around teh blogs took on President Devil Horns too:

has a good dissection and video too.

Likewise, Hugh Hewitt.

Great roundup at American Power.

Bungalow Bill (BBCW) points us to Michelle Bachmann's reaction.

Fisherville Mike has a great analogy and links The Other McCain's coverage too.
Instapundit has a collection of reactions.

Legal Insurrection sees Obama's move as a way to raid Social Security.

Doug Ross highlights the lunacy of the left in thinking that Obama isn't Marxist enough. Also, a guy that believes in aliens may offer O a primary challenge?

Ann Althouse thinks it's all funny.

Jim Geraghty sees Dear Leader unraveling.

Rational Nation thinks it's just plain moonbattery.

In My Copious Free Time sees Gollum in Dear Leader's performance yesterday...hmm, that's even better than my Fable 3 analogy.

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Blog of the Day: Yankee Phil.


  1. Watching that press conference was a surreal experience. I'm used to Obama staking out two contradictory and mutually exclusive positions and then supporting them both in the same speech, but this was like watching one of those scenes in "Lord of the Rings" where Gollum argues with himself. The only things missing were the head turns and the two camera angles.


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