Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Tuesday Feels like Groundhog Day Without Cyndi Lauper Edition


by the Left Coast Rebel

I mention "Groundhog Day" today because the events of my day yesterday seem to have been replicated today. Last week Mrs. LCR was involved in a minor traffic accident. The teenage driver that assumed liability grossly neglected spatial reasoning at a traffic light (she was texting or something) and rear-ended Mrs. LCR's Jetta. If you are familiar with how smaller cars are built these days you are likely-unsurprised that the seemingly small fender-bender's repair cost goes into the several thousand dollar range.

Thus, the lion's share of precious LCR time yesterday was spent on the phone with our insurance representative (I call her our legal counsel) and sparring with the girl-who-hit-my-wife's car's idiot father. He was vying to bail out daddy's-little-girl and recalling my youthful days wherein I never received that kind of parental coddling (and was all-the-better for it) made me even more irate with the man. He also wanted to "pay me out" but "paying me out" involved half of what the body shop was quoting for the repairs.

Clever, no? No dice, says me.

Groundhog day comes into play today as I pulled up my email this morning and, to my delight, found an "automatic renewal" for $39.95 for an anti-virus software product that I never authorized an "automatic renewal" for. The ensuing 45 minutes after discovering this lovely little gem were spent talking to a thick-accented woman in India somewhere, trying to get my money back and get my credit card the hell off their file, or whatever they have on me.

Hopefully my day gets better from here!

"Groundhog Day." A classic:

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  1. Tim: GHD was a classic. The central theme - That being Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, always expecting a different result - of the film is attributed to a great genius and founding father of our republic, Ben Franklin.

    Under Franklin's definition, one can only conclude that all Leftists are insane.

  2. Great point, LA and you are totally correct on leftists..

  3. Switch to Microsoft Security Essentials or if you're a Microsoft hater try AVG free edition. BUT, make sure to delete Norton or macafee before installation. Macafee can be a real pain to uninstall, open your C drive, open programs, find the Macafee folder and delete it(or you might have to open the folder and delete the files one at a time).


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