Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel


by the Left Coast Rebel

Playing Catch up After teh Weekend with teh Blogs:

Saberpoint: Thirty years ago this Wednesday, John Lennon was killed.

No Sheeples Here: Christmas Eve, WWI.

Gateway Pundit: The latest leak from wikileaks

The Other McCain: Helen Thomas doubles down on anti-Israel rhetoric

BBCW: Ron Paul calls for Wikileaks for the Dirty Fed.

Anti-Republican Culture: Must read on Identity Politics.

Conservative Perspective: NBC decided Boxer while Fiorina was winning?

Betsy's Page: Obama's Nanny State to control bake sales?

Mind Numbed Robot: Metropolis II.

Liberty Juice: The Euro game is up and Time to defund atrocious behavior.

My Thoughts on Freedom: Say it isn't so - Boehner looking to block Ron Paul as Subcommitte Chair? (if he does, I predict a HUGE grassroots backlash over this).

Shane Atwell: Love, Marriage and Mohammed.

Legal Insurrection: No Apology for you!

American Power: More on Barret Brown, Charles Johnson and RSM.

Doug Ross: Secret Space Mission?

Maggie's Notebook: Michelle Bachmann's Insurrection.

Consent of the Governed:
All you need to know in order to confiscate someone's 401k

Hot Air Pundit: Sarah Palin, high powered riffle and caribou equals...

Black Friday stampede on video

Yankee Phil: Palin responds with class?

Legal Insurrection: More on that The Other McCain flame war.

Weekend Past, Rule 5:

Yankee Phil: Shameless Rule 5 Plugging.

American Power: Lucy Pinder.

Randy's Roundtable: Dallas and Indianapolis final, but more importantly a Dallas Cowgirl.

Mind Numbed Robot: Gemma Atkinson.

Blog of the Day: The Wolf Files (Obama's 2nd cousin, Milton Wolf, M.D.)


  1. Many thanks for the linkage! Have a great day.

  2. Thanks for the link, Tim.

    Andrew Breitbart is heightening the visibility of the connection between race and politics with a post on "The Pigford Shakedown." Now that large amounts of taxpayer money are involved, it is attracting more interest.

  3. More fun than burning the NYT...

  4. Thank you for the link to my little hack, er blog....


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