Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: United Nations Moonbats Edition


by the Left Coast Rebel

Did you know that the United Nations is a despotic, third tier communist nation-appeasing conglomeration of anti-American moonbats? Do you think that American tax dollars should fund the UN?

If so, or if you have a friend that thinks so, watch this:

Now what do you think?

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Picture of the day, h/t Sharp Elbows:
Just doing what we would all like too (
well, actually the adult version would be a bit different)

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  1. The UN was a noble idea after the 2nd world war, but then the Western Powers made the huge mistake of letting despotic 3rd world nations in with moral equivalency and now look at what we got. A corrupt 3rd world institution bent on destroying liberty for all of humanity and spreading the worse evils that the despotic 3rd world has to offer. Anyone surprised? The only surprise I have now is why the heck are we still in the UN. Without out our support, it would collapse as the rest of these buffoons that make these stupid statements don't have the economy nor the will to support this monstrosity of the UN, but it seems the current Administration is all to willing to join the despotic club.


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