Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Monday After Christmas, are you at Work or Enjoying time off?


by the Left Coast Rebel

I trust that everyone here had a wonderful and safe Christmas - family, friends, good food and of course, gifts. Hopefully, not too many of you are trapped somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard - gazing outside at the Southern California clear sky, I almost can't relate.

Things are still slow across the blogosphere (as they likely will be all week) but the studious and hard working among us have managed to update their sites.

Across teh Blogosphere:

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Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Hugh Hefner engaged to San Diegan Crystal Harris*

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Eye of Polyphemus:Hayden Panettiere

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Blog/Post of the Day:

Legal Insurrection: Bizarre Birther Intellectual Dance


  1. Tim, I locked in today for leave a long time ago as knew I would be hosting Christmas festivities for my family on Sunday. Nice day to just kick it, relax and enjoy some more seasonable San Diego weather. It takes the sting out of that egg-laying by the Chargers yesterday.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. In answer to your titular question, I'm working today. Although I'm happy to have a job this year, I miss being a salaried worker. For 20 years, I always had off the week between Christmas and New Year. Nowadays, I'm just grateful to be working at all.

    Thanks for the link, btw!

  3. I know what you mean, Dean. I plan on doing some freelance writing today and beyond that, not much!

    FMP - You are welcome, that was a great post and I know what you mean about work - my wife and I consider ourselves lucky that we have been able to pull through another year financially and have a good Christmas....

  4. Thanks again LCR. I still have house guests and have been seeing a few movies. A good one last night at home Winter's Bone.


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