Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Monday, Monday Edition

by the Left Coast Rebel

It's Monday, Monday, Various Weekend Sundries to catch up with:

Say Anything Blog: Idiot students riot in London and rights vs. "rights"

Mind Numbed Robot: Dear Abby

Just a Man with this Thoughts: Government is a business (or should be)

Weasel Zippers: Fats Putin Sings

Camp of Saints: London Burning

Beers with Demo: Pro-left goes bonkers!

No Sheeples Here: Awesome Jacob Marley/Carter photoshop

Mean ol' Meany: Ultimate redundancy - stupid, progressive

Liberator Today: Meet Anti-Obama Mitch Daniels

Randy's Roundtable: Bucketloads of global warming!

Yankee Phil: More on that awesome Navy rail gun
My Thoughts on Freedom: Is Mordor on the Potomac actually interested in States Rights?

Legal Insurrection: Crash Tax

American Power: In case you missed it - a socialist eight hour filibuster

Blue Collar Philosophy: Jim Wallis goes far-left progressive in the UK

Doug Ross: Alan Grayson explains estate tax

American Power: Trolls that believe in consensual incest

Hot Air Pundit: Who removed the nativity scene at St. George Ferry terminal?

Doug Ross: Mexicans, Napolitano and 'Trusted Travellers'

Lilac Sunday: The Golden State express to nowhere

It Don't Make Sense: We're the Democrat party and we'll lie if we want to

Fisherville Mike: Obama's Monty Python moment

Western Hero: Real Woman

Just a Conservative Girl: Quote of the day

Rule 5 (pretty girls!):

Camp of Saints: Curvy Carla James

Libertarian Republican: Baywatch star Donna D'Errico harassed by TSA?

MA Info: Kate Perry

The Other McCain: Rule 5 Sunday wrap

Blog of the day:

Say Anything Blog

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