Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: It's Friday but not the 13th Edition

by the Left Coast Rebel

Oh to have the eighties back, the hair styles (mullets, anyone?), the music, the last decent President this nation has seen and most importantly - the horror movies:

It's Friday Around Teh Blogs:

Doug Ross: Does this deficit make my butt look big or is it just big?

The Other McCain: Scratching a Newt - isn't that something witches do?

Lonely Conservative: Dear Leader's economy.

Maggie's Notebook: What the??? Dick Cheney Sued by Nigeria?

Classic Liberal: Shocker, guess who is bailing out Greece?

BBCW: Microsoft using Kinect to watch you?

Proof Positive: The healthy, hunger-free kids busybody act of 2010.

My Thoughts on Freedom: Police State episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show pulled? What gives?

Hack Wilson: Michael Savage, Generation of Twits.

BBCW: Move aside Michael Phelps, meet Jay Fleming.

Legal Insurrection: Gender Neutral Bombers?

Teresamerica: The left's intolerance invades football.

Mind Numbed Robot: Don't touch my junk science!

San Diego Local Order of Teh Bloggers (SLOBs)

WC Varones: Never, NEVER take out a recourse home loan.

Temple of Mut: Californian Dreaming.

Beers with Demo: Quote of the day from a Marxist illegal immigrant shill congressman.

Liberator Today: B-Daddy and the Dirty Fed.

Shane Atwell: State Education and the Tea Party.

It's Christmas Around Teh Blogs:

Fishersville Mike: Silent Night and Christmas Lights

Teresamerica: Video: Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven

What Makes Us Right:
Surprise food court breakout of hallelujah chorus (Video below)

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