The Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: I still don't have my tree up edition


by Sam Foster

Blogging for the mortal soul of Teh Blogosphere:

TheBlogProf: Austrian PM takes Turkey to task and on video

Gateway Pundit: Christmas makes a comeback in Philly

Rational Nation: Gulag America?

Western Hero: Nanny state coming for Whip Cream?

Moonbattery: You haven't seen Palin hatred until you see this video

Western Hero: One of the best cases for Libertarianism, evah.

Fuzzy Slippers: A history lesson from a hundred years from now

Lonely Conservative: M. Obama's house fail + Nancy Pelosi thinks militar = fat.

Economy Politics: Europe cuts spending, demands that the US spend more

Libertarian Republican:
Why Trump won't run.

Hot chicks in bikinis and Shakespeare?

Doug Ross:
More from the world's dumbest blogger

No Sheeples: Merry Christmas, troops here's your XM25 Counter Defilade Target System

The Other McCain: Obama decimates the Alabama Democrat Party

Critical Narrative:
Obama the blue dog democrat?

American Power: Darth Boehner and women's restrooms.

Legal Insurrection:
Huckabee no Reagan and Palinistas, losers?

American Power:
Gwar Disembowels Sara Palin? (it's bi-partisan)

On the Radio:
DaTechguy, DaScienceguy and DaLonely Conservative.

Self Evident Truths:
Brilliant video! Moonbats argue that Obama is not a Keynesian, because he was born in Hawaii.

Leslie Eastman make the San Diego Union Tribune!

Maggie's Notebook: NASA, aliens and Mono lake?

Reaganite Republican: Obama, the Beatles, The Taxman. Also - American taxpayer funded bailouts for Europe.


  1. "Austrian PM takes Turkey to task and on video" I was surprised how much Austrian I could understand!
    This exemplifies the audacity of foreigners. Be it Mexicans in the US or Turks in Europe... (I see many every day here in Germany) And by the way, there is no button to press for Turkish here! You either speak the local language or bring an interpreter. That is called "integration"!

  2. John...I couldn't agree more. I was mostly stunned at how the same annoying elements of PC that is hurled at the US by these nations are getting hurled at other Western nations as well.

    It's proof of coordination.


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