Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Batten Down the Hatches in Rainy California Edition


by the Left Coast Rebel

It's been raining here for days now but to be honest, we actually like it. With Christmas just three days away, a little bit of cold, wet weather makes the season seem a bit more festive than it otherwise would (in lieu of snow, of course).

Belated read of teh LCR favorite blog reads of the day:

Doug Ross: Arlen Specter's 1st Amendment aggrandizing exit more from Bluegrass Pundit

Bluegrass Pundit: More corruption between Obama/unions

Virtual Mirage: Bloody Mexico coming

Temple of Mut: Putting the spirit back in the season

In My Copious Free Time: Best Present Ever

Proof Positive: Cool Coke Holiday ad*

And so it Goes in Shreveport: Feeling better

Just a Conservative Girl: Rude awakening of Eric Holder

Beers with Demo: Cheetoh Defense?*

Warplanner: Sphincter's Adios

Full Metal Patriot: Frosty the Golem

It's Just my Opinion: Census watch - Grand Theft

Fisherville Mike: Facebook meet hungry

Western Hero: Dedicated to the socialists at the FCC

Humble Libertarian: Mises Inst. of Canada

Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom: Mike Church for free?

Proof Positive: Poetry Corner

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Theo Spark: Bonus Babe

Full Metal Patriot: Lucy Pinder

Yankee Phil: Lady Gaga's Assets

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