More on LAX TSA Bikini Girl, Corrine Thiele

by the Left Coast Rebel

Americans are becoming more and more creative in fighting the pervasive neo-Bolshevik government behavior that surrounds us. One person is Corrine Thiele, a Los Angeles resident who decided to protest the TSA by wearing a black bikini (pictured right) at airport security.Corrine Thiele

She was tired of having to remove articles of clothing for airport screening:

ABC 7 in San Francisco just caught up with her:

Updated: Bungalow Bill touched on (no pun intended) Corrine Thiele last week:

Thiele lives in Los Angeles and describes herself as: to some, I’m a super hero. An Ironwoman, with a quick wit, unstoppable curiosity, who enjoys good friends, good food, good wine, breaking a good sweat. She tweets under the name Super_Hera, and she described the experience on her Twitter page. Here are a collection of tweets from her experience. Judging from her Twitter page, Theile likes to were bikinis.

No pat down & it was fun! This just might be my new travel uniform!


  1. I touched on her. I hope she will tell you it was good. :)

  2. Corrine Thiele makes an excellent protest --- though the ridicule may be too subtle for the average Leftist.

    Americans really are clever lot. I just hope we get results instead of merely another opportunity to protest.

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