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by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

If nothing else one at least can get a chuckle now and again from democrats and their oft-tendency to make - well, putting it nicely - ridiculous statements. Senator Mary Landrieu's remarks on the deal Obama cut with Republicans to extend the Bush era tax relief is a prescient example of this.
“We’re going to borrow $46 billion from the poor, from the middle-class, from businesses of all sizes basically, to give a tax cut to families in America today that, despite the recession, are making over $1 million,” she said. “This is unprecedented.”
May we ask who is borrowing $46 billion dollars from the poor, middle class, and business to extend tax relief, Mary?

Further, the tax relief enacted during the Bush years is now ten years old. Technically extending tax relief to all Americans at this point is merely maintaining the status quo. Allowing the relief given all American taxpayers over the last ten years to expire would amount to a huge tax increase.

As President Obama pointed out, allowing the tax relief of the Bush era to lapse would mean an increase of over $3,000 in tax liability for the average American family. Help me here Mary, one of us is apparently missing something.

The issue of property rights {one's basic right to retain and utilize one's property as they see fit, including one's earnings} aside, Mary's statement is the same old scratched record playing the familiar tune of wealth redistribution and sounding the drum beat of class warfare.

I guess until the mentality of a significant segment of our nation's populace changes we will keep hearing this refrain from the Democrats - penalize the well-off through force of tax law and redistribute the legal theft to others is a credo that seems to never die.

If we were really serious about permanent tax relief for all American's, as well as growing our economy, we would scrap the current tax code and replace it with a simplified flat tax - minus all the goodies and loopholes. That combined with rational cuts in federal expenditures likely would solve the majority of our economic woes.

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  1. So let me see if I get this moonbat's logic. Because we don't INCREASE taxes, it's a tax cut? Huh? What this moron doesn't mention is that the increase to the "wealthy" that would had retrospected back to 2000 levels would be small, about 8% (what? 36 to 39%?), but to the working poor, the bottom 10% (and I haven't included those that didn't pay ANY and will still pay none), that increase would had been a whomping 50% (10% to 15%)and for the middle Class nearly 40% (15-24 to 23-33). The truth is it was the working poor and middle class that would had gotten the hardest hit or soaked as the class warfarist claim, not the wealthy, so this BS that the wealthy are getting these huge cuts while the poor are getting ripped off is just nonsense.

  2. Let's face it... This is just smoke and mirrors to try and save face. "The party that feels the pain of the little people" and "Those nasty selfish Republicans don't care about you"...
    Taxes are not the problem... It's the spending stupid! (is she having a blond moment maybe? or a blond life perhaps)


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