Moonbat Andrew Sullivan Calls GOP "Dickish" and Inspires an Yglesias, Sully, Ezra Klein, Rant

by the Left Coast Rebel

I remember the days when I started blogging and knew nothing of the famous faces (or screenames) involved in either the blogosphere hierarchy or sphere-founding in the early to mid-2000s. One of these people was Andrew "Sully" Sullivan who blogs at The Atlantic. Robert Stacy McCain would rail on and on about him in his inimitable fashion as I descended into confusion. I found that he (Sullivan) considered himself a conservative (?) or some sort of pseudo-libertarian (??). Like Charles Johnson, at one point, he apparently did express some center-right proclivities.

But that was a long time ago, as the blogo-sphere goes.

These days it's hard to differentiate just "who" said "what" in the libtardo-sphere. For instance, Doug Ross has an article referring to the "world's dumbest blogger" this morning. I scanned the piece and thought that he was talking about Sully, after all, Ross's piece was linked at Memeorandum to a Sully-classic in stupidity. Nope, guess again gang; Ross was referring to Yglesias but it proved my point, nevertheless - the blurred line of proof that Yglesias is the dumbest blogger in the world .

I should have known better, though. Yglesias typically takes on Libtardia (a dystopia of Narnia) from the Keynsian, Marxian, psued-econo-left "with big degrees from Ivy Leagues and will travel into statist hell" camp, Sully typically just blabbers on. Today Yglesias's recipe for the economy is - wow, original and brilliant - for the gubbmint to print more money to help poor people and fix all of our ills. Or "Weimar Part Deux" for those who know history. Did you know that the Child Emperor and his Lessers (no, not you and me, we are Peons) in the White House consider Yglesias a serious thinker?

Aptly using flowery-lingo in support of every notion and concept that our Founders and generations fought and died against, his alter twin-ego is, of course, Ezra Klein whose boyish, toothy smile replaces Yglesias's bearded-pothead communist look, easily recognized ear-to-ear grins greeting WaPo readers in back-breaking Dear Leader-piggybacking kama sutra antics.

Today's Klein useful fool du jour is a pleasant little chat with a deficit expert - Andy Stern of the SEIU. If not for public education's systemic, generational failure, what I just wrote should speak for itself. Or is it just the readership of the New York Times that is really that stupid?

I wonder what's it's like down there, Ezra and Matthew and Sully? I'm sure you guys never approach a topic without a set of well-worn kneepads in quick reach. Are they expecting 72 virgins for their efforts? Or the Sully-equivalent? I shudder to think.

On kneepads, quick reach and useful idiots, (and the orignial intent of this rant), Andrew Sullivan authored an article on the "Dickishness" of the GOP. He finds Senate Republican's promise to filibuster anything not related to either jobs or taxes in the lame duck session (or something like that, T. Christopher wrote about it) as "dickish," an amazing revelation and command of the English language for someone that makes his living writing, or blogging. Or something. Here's the money line:

I know it is the opposition's role to oppose. But the sheer scale and absolutism of the opposition, and its continuation in the lame duck session, even over such small but integral reforms such as the new START and DADT repeal, is remarkable.
Fail, fail, fail. Sully, like other central player-planners in Libtardia (remember, Narnia with a Mike Church twist), think that left social issues like DADT (or any social issues, for that matter) are at the front of the American poli-psyche as the fabric of our society (economy) falls into the sea.

If this "opposition" from the GOP Senate leadership does actually stop the socialist-demo agenda in the lame duck then these guys and gals have done nothing more than a majority of Americans asked them to do on November 2.

Thanks for the inspiration, Sully. I wonder what your salary is?

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