Monet Parham and far-left CSPI sues McDonald’s over toys, lawsuit cites McDonald’s use of pester power

By Sam Foster

It’s not enough to simply ban McDonald’s from large metro cities like LA, the left in CA is now hoping to ban McDonald’s toys as well.

A mother of two from Sacramento, Calif., says that McDonald’s uses toys as bait to induce her kids to clamor to go to McDonald’s and to develop a preference for nutritionally poor Happy Meals. With the help of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, today the mom, Monet Parham, is filing a class action lawsuit aimed at stopping McDonald’s use of toys to market directly to young children. The suit will be filed in California Superior Court in San Francisco shortly after the court opens for business Wednesday morning.

According to Parham, the main reason her six-year-old daughter, Maya, asks to go to McDonald’s is to get toys based on Barbie, i-Carly, Shrek, or Strawberry Shortcake. The food seems almost beside the point to the kids, says Parham, because the toy monopolizes the attention of Maya and her two-year-old sister Lauryn.

You can find the lawsuit here. It reads like an episode of Super Nanny with Parham as the inept adult unable to deal with the stresses of parenthood:

107. Although Parham frequently denies Maya’s repeated requests for Happy
Meals, these denials have angered and disappointed Maya, thus causing needless and
unwarranted dissension in their parent-child relationship.

108. Maya’s exposure to Happy Meal marketing has undermined Parham’s
parental authority, because the advertisements result in Maya’s desire for poornutrition Happy Meals, and inability to understand why Parham will not generally buy them for her.

Of course, the degrading language of Parham's ability to parent, is intentional to establish some claim of damage. I’d be willing to bet Parham is in fact both a) a government employee and b) some sort of activist for children’s health. I know for sure that the consumer group CSPI that Parham is working through is a far-left activist group.

Regardless, the money line from this outrageous lawsuit is where the left comes out against “Pester Power:”

104. Maya learns of Happy Meal toys from other children in her playgroup,
despite Parham’s efforts to restrict Maya’s exposure to McDonald’s advertising and
access to Happy Meal toys. This is McDonald’s advertising directive – to subvert parental authority and mobilize pester power in order to sell unhealthful meals to kids using the lure of a toy.

Since when has the left abhorred the use of Pester Power? Does this mean that parents on the right can now begin launching massive lawsuits against school district's for using “marketing practices are unfair to members of the Parent Class” with regards to global warming?

Hey, if the left wants to open the door...

Also...leftist CA moonbattery on full display

Hot Air Pundit has Monet Parham on video.
Pro-choice liberals? Not quite


  1. Incredible! Only in the People's Republic of California...

    PS - this is Hot Air worthy :)

  2. As an orthodox Jew (who eats only Kosher food), I have had absolutely no problem with my children about pestering me for Happy Meals. The fact is this woman can not parent her children and wants McDonald's to pay for it.

    Rather than allow this suit, the court should immediately investigate her ability to raise her children on her own.

  3. So she can't parent and blames McDonald's. What's next, Toys R Us? This moonbat from the bat filled state must be a follower of Dr. Spock. For it was his socialist brand of rising kids that lead to parent to lose their ability to say no. That's why the Baby boomers turned out the way they have (moonbats) and the cycle is going through it's 2nd generation.

  4.   I prefer to refer to the CSPI by a more accurate name, “The Center for junk Science of No Possible Interest”.

  5. You win your bet:

    "Monet Parham-Lee serves has a Regional Program Manager within the Network for a Healthy California; a program of the California Department of Public Health funded by the USDA-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly the Food Stamp Program). She spends most of her time at the Network providing consultation, technical assistance and on-going support for the Regional Networks which facilitate the full integration of a variety of State Network-level functions on the regional level, bringing services and support closer to Network-funded projects and partners serving the low income audience. Ms. Parham-Lee also serves as the Network's lead staff person on early childhood matters, working closely with several Network funded Statewide Leadership Projects focused on early nutrition and physical activity. Prior to joining the Network, she worked in a variety of health services, childrens services, and public health programs at the State-level, as well as with the Greater Sacramento Urban League."

  6. Oh boy, now I can sue the networks and cable companies because my child throws a tantrum when I tell him to turn the TV off...and the toy companies because my child is "disappointed and angered when I won't buy him the toy he wants...and the clothing companies because their advertising causes my child to desire their products and doesn't like it when I say no.
    Shall i go on?

  7. Looks like we were thinking alike yesterday. I also posted about this yesterday from the bad parent angle. These people are amazing. I like your idea on the lawsuits against the school districts.

  8. I also saw this article, and just got around to posting about it. I agree 100%--it's an absolutely ridiculous lawsuit. Loving all the comments above as well.

  9. This is the truth, and not intended to be hurtful, only the truth!
    For starters...Ms. Parham, Regional Program Manager within the Network for a Healthy California? You've got to be kidding me!! She herself is WAY TOO BIG to be representing a network for "healthy California"! What a joke! She needs to put her foot down, act the parent, tell the kids what's good for them and what's not and JUST SAY NO! Or is she too much of a push over to be firm with her kids. Occassionally we were allowed to eat at Micky D's growing up, to this day I still like to have a Big Mac! Everything in moderation Parham! Including silly-ass lawsuits like this.
    First...lose some weight yourself! Second...get fit and trim with some healthy skin and figure! THEN, come and talk with us about your ides for a "Network for a Healthy USA!"


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