Matt Drudge is a little behind in his global cooling coverage

By Sam Foster

Nothing gets the communist, socialist, liberals in a tizzy quite like Matt Drudge's global warming, weather coverage. It's just about the only saving grace after I get out of my vehicle at work and step into the arctic winds that whip around my office building like a wind tunnel.

Today, we are experiencing abnormally cold temperatures that we usually don't see until January, so I expected a glorious cornucopia over at Drudge. I will admit that I was a little disappointed.

So in honor of the almighty news link god, the Drudge, I decided to emulate his greatness below.

Forget the booming Polar Bear Population, waters too cold for baby sea turtles

4 degrees warmer in Burlington, VT than Palm Beach, FL

Midwest in deep freeze

Record snowfall in Minneapolis/St Paul

It was in the 40's and an hour later we were in the 20's

20 degrees colder than normal in Tampa

One degree above record in the Carolina's

Record lows in Atlanta Georgia

FL is using helicopters to stave off December's freezing temperatures

15 dead in first winter chill


Welcome Gateway Pundit Readers!


  1. Notice how the goalposts keep moving? In the 70s, it was "global cooling". Then came "global warming". Now it's the gospel of "manmade climate change" and the "only way to save the planet" is to force everyone back to a medieval standard of living in the name of "ecology".

  2. This year, we turned off the swamp cooler and got the heater going a full month and a half earlier than usual.

    I need some global warming.


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