Libertarian Republican, Libertarian Republican Poll

by the Left Coast Rebel

Eric Dondero, Editor in chief of the great site Libertarian Republican dedicated to libertarian republican politics has a poll up at his site - who is your favorite libertarian republican icon (elected to office, or not) for 2010? Rand Paul makes the list and so does Chris Christie. Nicki Haley, Allen West....

Can you guess who I voted for? Anyway, do my friend a huge favor and go to Libertarian Republican and cast your vote. Bloggers - tell me that you did so in the comments here and I will link your site and send some traffic your way for helping my friend out.

View the poll in the sidebar at Libertarian Republican here.

Updated: Sarah Palin is winning by a huge margin? From whence did the Palinistas come?


  1. Just weighed in. Betcha can guess who I didn't vote for.

  2. Dark Red in bold above? Haha.

    I voted for Rand Paul...


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