Last house race ends in Randy Altschuler concession to Tim Bishop for NY-1

By Sam Foster

After having a very close and hard fought race, which included a double digit back and forth absentee count and voter fraud, Randy Altschuler conceded the race for NY-1 to Tim Bishop.

Below is a part of Randy Altschuler's press release:

Randy Altschuler, Republican/Conservative candidate, this morning conceded the hard-fought race for New York's 1st Congressional District seat. With approximately 977 absentee ballots left to be counted, unofficial numbers showed four-term Democrat incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop with a 263 vote lead over Altschuler, with a total of more than 194,000 votes cast. The 1st Congressional District was the last undecided House seat in the nation.

Additionally, the Altschuler campaign dropped its legal challenges to the remaining uncounted absentee ballots. This will allow the Suffolk County Board of Elections to count the remaining ballots. While the Altschuler campaign has uncovered numerous instances of absentee ballots that may have been unlawfully cast, the campaign is confident that the proper authorities will take the appropriate action concerning them and that their number is too small to alter the outcome of the election.

Randy Altschuler said, "After consulting with my family and campaign staff, I am ending my campaign and offering congratulations to Congressman Tim Bishop on his victory.

NY-1 was the last undecided house race and perhaps one of the closest.  Republicans will enjoy a total of 242 seats and ousted a total of 63 Democrat incumbents.

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