Kelly Ripa Using Crutches (PHOTOS)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Here's a post that clashes incredibly between the serious topics of today at LCR - a photo of Kelly Ripa's crutches. Or a photo of Kelly Ripa using crutches, or Kelly Ripa stumbling along with the aid of crutches. Or a picture of Kelly Ripa's crutches due to her hip stress fracture (yes, that's SEO folks!).

It's holiday season getting close to Christmas and my traffic stinks so in as far as I'm concerned - no topic is off bounds even pictures of Kelly Ripa in crutches.

Well, maybe it would be off bounds if it were, "photos of Kelly Ripa's threesome in crutches"...but Robert Stacy McCain would definitely be all over that.

Here's the photo of Regis and Kelly's Kelly Ripa donning her new set of crutches:

More than the amazingness of a picture Kelly Ripa with her set of crutches is what Kelly Ripa looks look on crutches while at the same time, apparently not wearing makeup.

Seeing as I am on the subject of the lovely Kelly Ripa I would be remiss to forego the chance at posting some pictures of Kelly Ripa in a bikini. Unfortunately, she is just simply too skinny:
I know that "super thin is in" but in my opinion, the girl could use several percentage points more body fat.

All is not lost though:

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