It's Time for Action

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

It has been said it's hard to soar like an eagle when you're amidst a bunch of turkeys. For sure that sentiment holds true today with the lame duck session of Congress. The boys and girls once again cannot find the integrity and fortitude to act decisively and in the best interest of the American people.

Of course there are differences between the two sides on extending the Bush era tax cuts. The Democrats want to make the cuts permanent for those making below $250,000 dollars and the Republicans want to extend the cuts across the board. Politics aside, as an individual of middle class means I support the extension of the Bush tax cuts across the board. I do so from a purely philosophical and ethical view which I shall reserve for perhaps a later discussion.

The fact is, little time remains for Congress to act. The nation can ill afford a massive tax increase on the middle class during the current and severe economic downturn. Whether extending the tax cuts to those making over $250,000 a year will, as the Republicans claim hurt business is questionable at best.

Americans across the board expect action on this issue, They expect Congress insure their taxes don't take a massive leap skyward. At this late date, after all has been said and all positions chirped by both sides to a deafening roar, it's time for action. If, and it would indeed be a unfortunate if , the only way to protect approximately 97% of the American people from a massive tax hike is to run with the Democratic proposal then the Republicans should grin and bear it and do what is right for the vast majority of Americans.

Sometimes it is both necessary and wise to act in a pragmatic fashion. This is one of those times for the Republican Party. Question how the those within the Republican party {and the Tea Party movement} that are making less than the $250,000 are going to view their party if they receive a tax increase for Christmas.

Advocates of ethical tax policy will I am sure have their day. When that happens Rational Nation will again be voicing concern for a rational tax code. When the time is right.

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  1. There will always be a point where someone pushing a bad policy can trim it down into small enough incremental pieces that people can be convinced that each piece is "not that bad". It's the essence of a "slippery slope".

    This is a tough issue, though. I think I would agree with a tough stand from the Republicans (or, more generally, I guess I could rephrase as "what someone representing my interests should do"), but not on the issue they stood on, at least as presented. Rather, I would take a stand against anything which widens the tax disparity and unfairness, and moves the country away from a simple, flat tax rate for everyone. I would take the stand of: we can let the cuts expire or extend them, but we cannot widen the disparity between the tax rates paid by different segments of the population (eg: the Democrats' proposal). Capitulating to doing so moves the country in the wrong direction, and it's worse (imho) than allowing the cuts to expire entirely.

    That's my opinion, anyway.

  2. Nick you said...

    " I would take a stand against anything which widens the tax disparity and unfairness, and moves the country away from a simple, flat tax rate for everyone."

    On this I essentially agree. I am an advocate of a flat tax and in fact posted on such both here and at Rational Nation USA.

    A compromise may be a mistake. But it is highly unlikely we will ever see a truly fair and flat tax. In reality neither the Democrats nor the Republicans really want one, even if the resuts would be incresed revenues yet leaving more in the pockets of all.

    The tas code ought to be scraped and rewritten. In my opinion along the lines in the above link.

    In the meantime lets not slam the majority of Americans who are strugling as it is.


  3. We have to draw a line in the sand, here and now. No American citizen should have to pay a higher marginal tax rate than any other. It violates everything our Founding Fathers laid out in our Constitution.

    As for political pragmatism, I agree with you that one must choose battles wisely. But I disagree that making our stand will be fruitless.

    The Democrats have already cracked. They will continue to shatter like windshield glass. If the tax cuts are not extended by January 1st, there will be an increase in withholding, but any subsequent extension will likely be retroactive. The pain will be small and temporary.

    Republicans are holding all the wild cards. You don't surrender when you're winning - it only makes you weak. The tax cuts should be made permanent for everyone, and the notion that income belongs to government by default must end forever.

    If Republicans give in now on the upper income tax cuts, in two years they will be fighting for those and those alone. It will be much harder to make the case later than right now.

    Republicans need to continue focusing on cutting government spending by extracting us from generations of unsustainable entitlement spending.

  4. I guess it's just a matter of perception of what's more important. Personally, I'd rather let the tax cuts expire, if it moves the country toward a fair flat tax, and I'd be fine with any representative who takes a stand in that regard. It's unlikely that the tax cuts would not be reinstated anyway soon thereafter, since both parties essentially want them; and, (along the same lines) if people need to suffer more at the hands of our contemptible government to get positive, real reform, I'd rather the pain be shared among everyone, rather than some groups being punished more than others, even if I'm in the group which might get favorable treatment under a disparate plan.

    I say let there be equality under the law, in marginal tax rate as in everything else. Taking a stand on this would do more positive for the country than any single tax cut.


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