It's like you can't even catch your wife cheating anymore; man charged with felony for accessing wife's email

By Sam Foster

I'm all for privacy and all, but honestly, leaving your email password next to the computer so that your husband can catch you cheating on him? That's asking for some crack detective work:

A man in Rochester Hills, Mich., is facing felony charges after he says he caught his wife cheating by reading her e-mails.

Last summer, the 33-year-old computer technician suspected his wife was cheating, so he logged onto her Gmail account.

"I just used her password, got through her e-mails, and immediately saw that that was actually happening," said Leon Walker.

But did he go too far?

"I haven't been able to find another case where somebody's reading another person's e-mail without their permission has led to a felony charge," said Leon Weiss, Leon Walker's attorney.

Prosecutors charged him under a state law to prevent identity fraud, and two Michigan judges have refused to throw out the felony charges.

Clara Walker said she never gave him her Gmail password. Leon Walker says she kept all her passwords in a book next to the computer.

"She told me her password before, and she kept them with the computer. It was very visible," he said.


  1. It's hard for me to expect any degree of privacy if I leave all means to pry for all to view. Unless I'm a woman cheating, then it's all his fault.

  2. My ex changed all her passwords when she started cheating, but then logged all her IM conversations in plain text files, so they were still extremely easily accessible.

    The judge and the custody evaluator both recoiled in horror when revealed that I had "snooped" (on my own computer) to find those logs and had read them without her permission.

    And this was in supposedly "father-friendly" Illinois. Bu even they didn't have the audacity to press charges against me for invading her privacy.


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