How the left is widening the margin of voter fraud

By Sam Foster

From my PJM article published today:

Gone are the days where voter fraud involved a couple of people with a trunk full of ballots, and here are the days where the severity of instances will be measured by the number of perpetrators.

Post 2010 elections, not many conservatives are talking about voter fraud. I'm sure it has something to do with the 242 Republican's headed for the 112th congress and the 63 democrat incumbents defeated. Regardless, of our victories, voter fraud was alive and well.

My article today documents two of the most egregious instances; NY-1 and Paterson NJ.

Earlier this month, New Jersey authorities made over a dozen arrests connected to a major voter fraud scandal in Paterson, NJ. The list of defendants and charges is too exhaustive to detail here, however one news source summed up the scandal:

The defendants arrested yesterday and Tuesday, as well as Fermin-Cepeda, all allegedly acted as bearers/messengers for mail-in (absentee) ballots. The complaint summonses allege that the defendants tampered with mail-in ballots and/or voted mail-in ballots on behalf of voters who did not receive the ballots or who did not authorize them to vote for them.

This is only a narrow view of what is indisputably a systematic problem. The Wall Street Journal points to several other New Jersey elections that are currently under investigation. A similar assault on the integrity of absentee ballots was discovered in Troy, New York, during the 2009 primaries. In this instance, the Working Families Party was caught forging mail-in ballots. The scandal is still under active investigation over a year later.

However, there is an even larger trend that is becoming more apparant within the Democrat Party. A coordinated effort to get party individuals in on all the voter fraud action.

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If not for me, please go and check out my numerous links contained in the piece. I've pieced together some of the best voter fraud reporting contained within the bogiverse. Including the more talented writings of Robert Stacy McCain, Moe Lane, Doug Ross, Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft, and Professor William Jacobson.

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  1. This has been my thought for some time now...(after the 08 election)
    The last one showed me, with the few arrests that were made, there were surely more that were not found out. So, with the overwhelming response of the people, I have to wonder what the outcome would have really been if it weren't for the voter fraud.


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