Hot off the Press at Pajamas Media

by the Left Coast Rebel

Last week I felt inspired to write up an essay for Pajamas Media on the failed tenure of outgoing California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, click the screen-cap to go to the link:

Please comment at the link, pass it along via social networking, and Facebook 'like' the article so that the editors at PJM see that my stuff gets some readership! I'm trying to set my roots there now, post-election. Here's a small taste:

Arnold assumed office riding high on rhetoric of cutting taxes, rescinding recalled Democratic Governor Gray Davis’s car registration tax hike, and returning the Golden State to its previous luster.

I think back to this time in the state’s political history as exciting. The mood of California was sour toward leadership and folks were ready for a change. Even liberal strongholds were disgusted with Sacramento and Davis. Above it all, here was a guy who emigrated from Austria (his accent to this day negates the need of a birth certificate as proof) in search of the American dream. He was getting a chance at the reins of the Golden State. Conan was poised to drive his liberal enemies before him, to the benefit of fed-up Californians.

PS - Tell me that the "Conan Musical" at the end of the piece isn't awesome?

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  1. Can you believe there was actually a time when people were in serious discussion regarding amending the Constitution so that foreign-born citizens could become President.... because of Scharzenegger?


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