Honolulu Dukes it out With Chicago for Obama Library

By Proof

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Here's a David and Goliath story for you, which I predict that David will probably win in a walk.

HONOLULU — As President Barack Obama prepares to battle with Republicans for a second term, another fight is already brewing: where to enshrine his legacy once he leaves office.

The effort to play host city to Obama’s presidential library is being complicated by the peripatetic life he has had. His diverse background — a fixture of his political brand — is now fueling a debate at a time when the White House would like to focus on anything but where to store the Obama archives.

Chicago gave Obama his start in politics. Illinois is where his political career began. Chicago is the home town that he avoids whenever he can in favor of going to Hawaii.

Barack likes going to Hawaii. Barack can barely tolerate the thought of spending time in Chicago. Winner? I predict Hawaii, hands down.

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  1. Kenya. Or Indonesia. Squat and watch, Obama will be the first President to have a library out of the country.

  2. You mean his "pathetic" life?

    Obama is a narcissist. He will put his library where the most people can see it - Chicago - right in the middle of the country. He'll probably do the politically correct thing and put it in some urban development zone. Or the city will make room for it downtown where all the tourists will be.

    I wouldn't put it past him to have a second library in Hawaii, but he's never really been "from" there. It's just something he likes to say. It's part of the simulacrum:

    Just went to a military Base Exchange. They had busts of Obama for sale - disgusting! I'd buy it for target practice but for the profits to the creator.

    The AAFES online catalog has a commemorative Jorg Gray watch that Obama wears. He wore a TAG-Heuer until he got that watch as a gift from the Secret Service.

    The cult of personality is wounded, but still alive.

  3. Nick: The word "pathetic" crossed my mind, too, as I read it. But, as one fellow pointed out, the silver lining in this, is that it looks like they're only expecting him to have one term.

    Paul: It sounds a lot like some Hawaiians would like to secede from the union, so you may be right!

  4. My vote is for the land of Al Capone.

    Merry Christmas and God Bless

  5. Merry Christmas and wishes for a Happy & Healthy 2011.

  6. I say who cares? Who's going to really want a library of the President who will definately go down as the worse and perhaps most unpopular ever?


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