(FULL VIDEO) "Excuse me, ma'am, can I help you with anything": New York Jets' Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Video Controversy

by the Left Coast Rebel

I feel sorry for New York Jets coach Rex Ryan. First he took a lot of flak a couple of months ago for the Ines Sainz "I'll strut around the Jets locker room in sleazy outfits and then cry sexual harassment" flap, the "hard knocks" controversy and the cheesburgers issue. East Coast sports fans are not happy with the guy (at least in the press).

The latest Rex Ryan issue involves four viral Youtube videos featuring a woman that looks a lot like his wife Michelle Ryan displaying her (sexy?) feet to the cameraman. The cameraman chimes in with, "excuse me, ma'am, can I help you with anything" and the voice behind the camera sounds just like Rex Ryan. The worst part comes in when the man that sounds like Rex Ryan asks the woman if he can smell her feet (now that is actually quite disgusting).

The bizarre nature of the story doesn't stop there though, there's a possibility that Rex and Michelle Ryan were in to even stranger things than foot fetishes:

(Yahoo Sports)The videos were originally posted on Youtube, under the name, "ihaveprettyfeet". The account has since been disabled. Interestingly, according to Deadspin research, ihaveprettyfeet was also a name used for a screen name on for a personal ad for a couple on alternative lifestyle website Alt.com.

Click the image to see the full Rex/Michelle Ryan foot fetish video (it's safe-for-work):

And yesterday Rex Ryan addressed the viral Youtube foot fetish, "excuse me ma'am, can I help you with anything" videos, calling it a "personal matter":

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