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by: Les Carpenter
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The 2010 results are in, and once again FOX News captures the top rating slot. After nine years of doing so it should be relatively clear, at least to the rational mind anyway; that America finds FOX fair and balanced. But you can rest assured that the liberal progressive mindset is going wacko over this report and will spin it in the typical and usual liberal progressive fashion.

Fox, owing to its typically conservative leanings, draws the ire of the political left. The elitist of the progressive left simply refuse to accept the wisdom of the American people, ie. the middle class.

The Nielsen numbers are in for 2010, and in the battle for cable news ratings supremacy, Fox News took the title for the ninth year in a row -- bludgeoning the competition for another year.

The blowout comes on the heels on Fox News’ surging 2009, when the News Corp.-owned channel posted its highest-rated year in the network’s 13-year history. (Overall, cable news audiences were down across the board -- though FNC's decline was from a high-water mark.)

Among the other 2010 highlights:

>> MSNBC, which in 2009 boasted its first full-year primetime win over CNN in the 25-to-54-year-old demographic, did so again, while beating CNN in total day “demo” viewers and average total viewers in primetime – both firsts for the network.

>> CNN had its lowest rated year in 14 years in primetime, both in terms 25-54-year-old viewers and average total viewers. And barring a breaking news event in the next few days, the network will at least tie its lowest rated year ever (1999) in total day “demo” viewers.

For average primetime and total viewers in 2010, Fox News beat its cable news competitors (CNN, MSNBC and HLN) combined in total viewers -- and we outslugged CNN and MSNBC combined in “demo.”

More here.

FOX News and commentary is obviously what the discerning American viewer finds to be accurate and balanced reporting. Naturally the American intellectual elite, aka the liberal progressive statists, will continue to use their usual and customary ways to discredit that which the majority of Americans see as rational and objective reporting.

The progressive left continues to not get it.

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  1. yet, every airport, doctors office,
    etc. the big screen is always flashing CNN???
    In one instance, I myself, have been so bold as to ask for channel change.

  2. ohh, they get it, RN, they just deny it as being valid because to accept would mean that they recognize that their ideology is not the ideology of the people.

  3. congrats Fox! Aww poor CNN... never gets any respect ;-)


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