Even Representative Ron Paul Can Stretch Reason

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Rational Nation USA's Editor in Chief is a long standing supporter of Representative Ron Paul's positions. He has always been, at least in my mind, a rational and reasoned thinker. A staunch advocate for individual liberty and limited Constitutional government, he provides a much-needed rare voice and rational pathway to fiscal sanity and proper government.

However, with respect to the issue of the Wikileaks release of confidential U.S. state documents, Representative Paul is at best walking a thin line in his reported support of Julian Assange. While all advocates of liberty should support open and transparent government there is a huge difference between openness and espionage.

While the activities of a multitude of international figures might be open to question the release of confidential U.S. state documents, {particularly during times of conflict and ideological warfare}, the release of the documents puts our soldiers as well as civilian officials at heightened danger.

On this issue Representative Paul is off the mark. Julian Assange should be arrested and held on suspicion of international espionage pending the completion of a thorough, exhaustive investigation. Should such investigation determine Mr. Assange guilty of the crime of espionage, he should be summarily executed.

On the other hand, should Assange be found innocent of the charge of espionage, the U.S., as well as other nations must review the governmental practices condoned summarily exposed by the leaked documents.

The rule of law must prevail. Unfortunately it seems much of the world is reverting to he primitive. I shall leave that discussion for a later time.

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  1. "Stretch Reason"? i realize that is your opinion, but that also to me IMHO is too a bit of a stretch.
    I don't agree with what WikiLeaks is doing, but I would agree with the assessment that it is media. And, is he a citizen that can be prosecuted under US laws? I feel if there is any real stretch, it is by Huckabee. Ready to hang him without a trial! (lynch?)
    But more important is, what is the real source? Is it a case of "False flag operation"?
    I respect your opinions Les, and understand that I do not just follow blindly but prefer to think outside the box...

  2. I completely disagree.

    To the imperial government, everything is a "state secret." WikiLeaks is just pulling back the curtain on the corrupt and incompetent.

    If the truth is so damaging to the State Department, maybe the State Department shouldn't have been doing what it was doing in the first place.

    This whole campaign against Assange is like Orwell's Two Minutes Hate.

  3. I agree with Neal Boortz: Executiion for PFC Bradley Manning for espionage.

    This is an issue that is splitting Left-Libertarians from Right-Libertarians right down the middle. Perhaps longtime coming. Left-Libertarians simply do not care a hoot about National Security. They care even less about fighting back against Islamo-Fascism Maybe it's time for us Right-Libertarians to tell them to 'F' off, and go on our merry way?

    Oh, and we Right-Libertarians get to keep the term LIBERTARIAN. They'll be known as Leftists.

  4. People should know, my former boss, Ron Paul, of 12 years, ran for Congress in 1996 as a "Pro-Defense/Pro-America" Bush-like Republican here in South Texas. People in the 14th elected him cause they thought he was a hardline Anti-Communist, Reaganite. It was the photo Ron put on billboards and in pamphlets of him and Reagan that won him the election. And George Bush (and Karl Rove), and Tom DeLay coming into the district to campaign for Ron helped too.

    Now, years later, that's all been forgotten. He's turned on his former Pro-Defense past.

    Shame. But even more of a shame, people have forgotten that at one time Paul was Pro-Defense.

  5. Yes, execute Bradley Manning.

    But don't execute the new media CEO to whom he leaked.

    That's like executing Pinch Sulzberger for the leaks he published in the New York Times.

    And BTW, I am a hard right-libertarian.

  6. Just a week or so ago, Les, you asked whether I supported the views of Ron Paul. I said I generally do, but some of his beliefs are "batshit crazy."

    Here's one of them.

    Of course government hids things they should not, but there are many secrets government should keep. While absolutely nothing was surprising to me, the revelations are not merely embarrassing, but dangerous.

    The case that people may die is both over and understated. The names that were named are likely in little danger. But some of the information could reveal the sources, and these people will disappear from the face of the planet. We will also lose them as sources of information about our enemies.

    The information about China and North Korea's relationship could complicate our diplomacy, possibly resulting in war. Loose lips really do sink ships.

    I don't know if there's any international law that could impact Assange, but we could try him in absentia here. Espionage? The private who gathered the information is guilty, but I don't think we have a crime for publishing secret information. Assange is an asshole, but not necessarily a criminal as far as our laws are concerned. Not that I think we shouldn't have a law protecting our state secrets.

  7. I agree with W.C. Varones. These documents show just how out of control the federal government has become. The documents give the transparency Obama promised but didn't deliver on.

  8. um, Eric, I think it's a bit early to start slicing up the "Libertarian" pie... Let's throw the rinos and elitists out first and see what the field looks like.

  9. We used to condemn communist China for censoring Internet references to Tienanmen Square.

    Now we censor references to Hillary Clinton's ill-considered e-mails, and we label as terrorists and threaten to kill and/or jail those who repeat them.


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